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supporting business owners to scale and sell their businesses and make killer profits.



The EndGame Checklist

Get exclusive access to my exact framework I used with my private clients for selling your business - one client sold his business for $60 millions and learn 8 steps to sell your business for millions.


Business Plan Blueprint

It's time to scale your business and prepare yourself to sell by creating your business plan!

Free Masterclass

Learn how to create a profitable exit from your business - one of our clients sold for 60 million! 

LEARN with 

With years of experience in business strategy and M&A (mergers and acquisitions), I love creating strategies that are unique to each client (I never apply a copy and paste solution), and I've created online courses to help anyone no matter what stage of business they are in... because, hard to admit that one day all business will get sold, given away, or liquidated.

Contemplating selling your business and already have a potential buyer in mind? The ENDGAME is here to guide you.

Our program equips you with a comprehensive strategy to validate your exit plan. Learn how to market yourself, master the transaction blueprint, and adeptly qualify potential buyers while ensuring a smooth transition.

Discover our W.I.N. framework and sell your business at its highest value, broker-free, and entirely on your terms.

Build your business

You are looking to ditch your 9-5 and build your online business? Or you already have a business and you want to create a new product or service? Great!

The New Offer Wins  is the complete step-by-step program (with coaching and accountability) on how to launch an irresistible new offering from scratch that is profitable right out of the gate.

Launch a new product or service, create a new source of revenue + learn how to create a 3-year!



Create a New Offer & Budget

Once you’ve launched your online business, it’s time to build the infrastructure to run it on autopilot!

In the Business On Autopilot program, you’ll learn how to generate new leads and sales on a daily basis without lifting a finger, work 30 hours per week with automations and processes doing the heavy lifting and have a business that runs 90% without you at the helm - which means more time freedom (AKA more time to do the things you love).

Scale Your Business

Business On Autopilot

Coming Soon!

Your business is unique and its needs are different. If you need help with your business strategy, or someone to help you build a budget to better manage your operations,  we can help! Maybe you need to get a new loan to acquire a business, purchase new assets or for your day-to-day operations, and you need us to create all the documents requested... or you are looking to do a M&A transactions and you need some help!

Pick what you need, and let's have a FREE Discovery call to learn more about your projects!


M&A  strategist

Meet your Business + Merger & Acquisition Virtual Coach

Solange Blanchard

I’m a Canadian girl, a mom, daughter, sister, best friend, and frequent traveler. 
I started my first business at 30 years old after working in the corporate world. The day I celebrated my 30th birthday, I decided I wanted to be my own boss and create a business where I would be able to help other women and have the freedom to work from anywhere and on my own terms.

In 2013, I launched my coaching business with nothing more than a dream and a laptop. It allowed me to study in Boston and work in Montréal. As I helped them with their business strategy, I started to work on M&A transactions in 2016, and I’m proud to have been helping many business owners buy and sell their businesses with my business partners since. 

Fast forward nearly a decade and I’m still obsessed with business strategies and data all began when I created my own definition of success. So, grab your favorite drink and get ready to learn because it’s time to dive in!

Honestly, with Solange I developed a new offering that changed my business. I also learned how to scale my company and create value and created tools to better manage my daily operations.

1:1 Coaching Client

Francine Martin

Solange’s attention to details, her professionalism, her time management skills, her responsiveness and truly caring about all aspects of the sale of my company went beyond my expectations. I would highly recommend her services without hesitation.

M&A transaction

Claude de Bonville

Since working with Solange, my dream business has become my reality. I went from an idea of my dream business to living it full time – in less than a few months.

1:! Coaching Client

Kevin Bisson

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