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Prepare and Scale Your Business NOW so that When You’re Ready to Sell, Your Business is too.

The endgame:

The Plan To Sell Your Business For Millions


You’ve spent the last several years pouring blood, sweat and tears into building your business… 

A business that’s funded your family vacations, your children’s tuitions and paid your mortgage while giving you a sense of purpose.

You’ve made a difference in more people’s lives than you can count. 

But when you lay your head down at night - do you feel worried? 

Do you feel stressed and overwhelmed because you want to sell your business one day, but you don’t know where to begin?

Can you relate?

You may lie awake thinking about…  

What are the next steps? What would it even look like to sell a business?

When am I ready, how long will the process take?

How do I find someone to buy my business?

How can I avoid being undervalued?

How can I get the highest price? 

If I need to sell - will I be able to?

What will my investment in lawyers and team be?

Will the value of my business decline if I publicize my intentions to sell? 

What can I do NOW to increase the value of my business before I sell?

If you haven’t laid a solid foundation to exit before you decide to sell, It may be too late.

Selling a business doesn’t happen overnight. 

In fact, it can take months and years to prepare your business…

There are critical steps you need to take prior to selling…

Otherwise, you run the risk of dramatically undervaluing your business. 

Selling your business is a totally different monster than running your business…

You may be a savvy businesswoman, but if you’ve never successfully sold a business, there is a lot to learn.

The most profitable way to sell your business is to begin planning months or years in advance. 

Imagine going through the process of selling your business and feeling:

In control! Have a sound exit strategy so you’re in the driver's seat of your business’s future. 

Prepared to sell your business as soon as you’re ready! 

Knowledgable! Know the exact steps to take to sell.

Proud! You’ve created a business that you can scale and sell for maximum value!

Confident you can successfully execute every step of the sale of your business.

Relieved! You have a coach that you can trust to walk you through every step of the way.

Freedom! Sell for top dollar and have the freedom to create your next exciting venture.

You’ve built something incredible from the ground up. Wouldn’t it be nice to have the resources to sell it for a profit you can be proud of?

The Best Way to Prepare for Success is to Take Small, Incremental Steps Years in Advance. 

Selling your business will be one of your life’s most important transactions…

That’s Exactly What You’ll Learn In the Online Course “The ENDGAME Program”!

Are you ready to build a business that's worth 60 million?


the endgame

The ENDGAME is a self-paced online course for business owners who may want to sell one day. 

It’s designed to transform the way you do business so you can prepare NOW to sell when you’re ready…

…and make the profit that will change your life and support your freedom. We do this through bite-sized, quick, and to-the-point lessons for the busy businesswoman that simply needs the how-tos. 

You’ll learn our signature “The ENDGAME Plan Framework” through business education modules, templates, and workbooks. That’s everything you need to scale and sell!

Throughout this course, you’ll also learn the best strategies when it comes to numbers, marketing, and mindset. 

You’ll be prepared to successfully execute every step of the sale of your business.

Your anonymity will be protected. You’ll have private access to get your questions answered, so you feel safe and secure knowing your business’s future is in the best hands!  

I think everyone should take this course whether they’re thinking of starting a company, they’ve just started, they’re in the groove with their business, or making a change is on the horizon. Her insights are valuable for all stages of a company.

Group Program Client

Sue Ryan

“I never thought about selling my business one day. With Solange and her ENDGAME program, I re-evaluated my vision of my company and what it would be like if I looked at it through the lens of selling it. Her lessons taught me how to look responsibly at my current financial position and identify with clarity how to create value that positions my company to be attractive to a buyer - the endgame! I learned how to position my company and know when it’s time to sell. What was even more exciting is that she teaches how to walk through the entire process so I learn how to scale my business, how to sell it, and excitedly - how to come out financially in a way I never thought possible.

One more thing I’ll say about this course. I think everyone should take this course whether they’re thinking of starting a company, they’ve just started, they’re in the groove with their business, or making a change is on the horizon. Her insights are valuable for all stages of a company. I can’t even imagine where I’d be today if I’d had this course from the start of my business!”

M&A  strategist

Meet your Mentor

Solange Blanchard

I’m a seasoned Merger and Acquisition Specialist who has spent the last 7 years supporting business owners to sell their businesses and make killer profits.

In 2022, with my business partner, we did $70 Million in transactions, and our largest sale to date sold for $60 Million! 


But I’m so much more than these impressive numbers… 

I’m a Canadian girl, mom, daughter, sister, best friend, and frequent traveler who launched her coaching business in 2013 with nothing more than a dream, a laptop, and an obsession with business strategy and numbers! 

When I launched my business, I spent 58 crazy months driving from Montreal to Boston almost every week. After graduating from Harvard University, I worked full-time to build my dream business. 

I know what it takes and have my own definition of success. 

I’m an entrepreneur, online educator, virtual business coach & strategist dedicated to helping savvy entrepreneurs scale and sell their businesses at top dollar.

let's look at the numbers


in Merger & Acquisition transactions



largest sale to date



supporting business owners to scale and sell their businesses and make killer profits.


What's Included?

Module One: 4 Keys Decisions to Clarify The Exit Strategy

Module Two: Scale Your Business  

Module Three: Should You Use a Broker or Market Yourself?

Module Four: The Transaction Blueprint

Module Five: How to Qualify Potential Buyers

Module Six: The ENDGAME Framework

Module Seven: The Transition to the New Owner

Module Breakdown

Module One

Module Two

Module Three

Module Four

Module Five

Module Six

Module Seven

The ENDGAME gives you the roadmap to scale your business beyond your wildest dreams so you’re prepared to sell with the right opportunity. 

4 Keys Decisions to Clarify The Exit Strategy

Module one

In this first module, we dig deep into 4 key decisions we must answer to create our ENDGAME Plan.

 The first step to selling your business is to know the answer to WHEN, WHY, WHO and WHAT!! 

Scale Your Business

Module two

Learn how to create value for your business, day in and day out to get a successful and profitable exit when you will be ready to sell.

Adding long-term value is and should be a top priority for all successful business owners. 

Should You Use a Broker? Or Market Yourself?

Module three

When it comes to selling your business, you have a big decision to make - to hire a broker or to do it yourself.

Learn the best methods, tried and tested strategies so you can confidently market your business yourself.

The Transaction Blueprint

Module Four

This module focuses on how to sell in a way that you will have a successful and profitable exit.

You’ll learn how to create all documents you need in a sales process.

How to Qualify Potential Buyers

Module Five

Learn how to qualify potential buyers — and not just one potential buyer - several. 

The ENDGAME Framework

Module Six

Learn about the transaction framework — and how to prepare for due diligence and platforms to use and learn more about the Sale Purchase agreement and other agreements required at closing.

The Transition to the New Owner

Module Seven

The final module focuses on what's to come as you prepare to go over the transition with the new business owner.

This 7-module course is normally $1497…

So, what's the investment?

But if you claim your spot within the next 24 hours - I’ll give you the opportunity to join the ENDGAME for only $748! 

And here’s a little secret (shhhh)...

This $500 OFF won’t be available ever again - so if your gut is telling you this course will transform your future (and I guarantee you it will!) click the button below to join now!

7 Day Money Back Guarantee

bonus alert!

When you join today, you also get…

Template for an NDA

(value: $197)

Worksheet to create your 3-year Budget

(value: $1000)

Template to create your CIM

(value: $497)

Owns a business and wants to be prepared to sell one day

The ENDGAME is for YOU if you’re a business owner who…

Owns a business and wants to learn more about what selling their business can involve.

Is ready to create a valuable business that will be worth buying

Runs a business that has current revenue of $1M - $25M

Desires to create a proven roadmap to scale his/her business 

Has the money to invest in scaling her/his business now

Continually pursues growth and success - financially

Is committed to creating an incredible financial future for her/his self and his/her family!

You already know what you need to do to scale your business to make sure someone will want to pay top dollar for it 

This is NOT the right program for  you if:

We’re committed to success. It’s important for you to know that The ENDGAME is not the right fit for everyone. 

You’re not motivated to create a massive financial gain

You’re not willing to do the work

You’re not ready to move past belief systems that may be holding you back from taking your business to the next level. (Don’t worry, we’ll support you with this!)

You’re not willing to invest energy, time, and financial resources to create business growth that will pay out in dividends later. 

What will life look like after The ENDGAME?

You'll have all of the pieces together so that when the day comes, you’re ready to sell.

You'll know what you need to do NOW so you’re prepared to sell later.

You'll be confident and convicted that your business will sell.

You'll have the ability to sell your business for the highest value while  minimizing the cost of lawyers and team.

You'll have a sound exit strategy that will give you control over your business’s future.

Ready to plan your smooth & successful transition from business owner to highly profitable seller? 

(withOUT headaches, brokerage fees, or accepting LESS than you deserve)


Here are some of our most Frequently Asked Questions about The ENDGAME.

What will The ENDGAME Program help me accomplish? 

Great Question! By taking the ENDGAME Program, you’ll gain the knowledge, mindset, and skills to sell your business when the time comes, whether that is 5 months from now or 5 years from now. You’ll know how to scale NOW so that you have a valuable business that can be sold for top dollar. 

You’ll be prepared NOW so that when you’re ready to sell, you won’t have to wait two, three, or four years just to prepare your business. Your business will be ready to sell whenever you need or want to! 

You’ll gain confidence not only in how to sell a business but also in how to run it like the BOSS you are. 

How can I be sure I’ll get my personal questions answered?

We’re here for you! In order to keep your business dealings safe and confidential, this course does not include a Facebook Group or have LIVE ZOOM calls the way other online courses often do. 

You’ll have opportunities to contact me directly in order to ask questions related to your specific business. 

Privacy is important to me. How can I know my business questions will be kept confidential?

I’m so glad you asked! We take confidentiality very seriously and know how important it is that your business intentions are never publicly revealed. Your privacy is guaranteed.

What if I’m not ready to sell my business just yet?

Perfect! This course was designed for women exactly in your position who have a business they’d like to sell someday and want to prepare themselves and the business NOW, so they’re prepared for when the day comes. 

It takes time and careful preparation to successfully sell a business. My goal is to support women prepare their businesses ahead of time so they’re never caught in a position where they need to sell and subsequently lose money, respect and credibility because they weren’t prepared. 

Eek! I’m excited to learn, but I’m worried about the investment…

Any smart business owner takes careful consideration about her investments, so kudos to you! When you enroll in The ENDGAME Program, you can rest assured that your investment will come back to you exponentially through the added revenue you’ll bring in as you scale your business now. 

On top of that, the skills, knowledge, and confidence you gain through this course will make it so that you’re able to sell your business for maximum profit!

I’ve got a question that wasn’t answered here; where can I get support?

Are you ready to change your financial future?

Think of me as your merger & acquisition virtual business coach dedicated to ensuring you and your business are in the best possible shape to win! 

I know firsthand how important it is to plan. 

When I was young, I was a figure skater and learned how to “plan backward”. 

Most people plan forward from where they are instead of planning backward from their end goal. 

That’s a poor business strategy because it leaves you vulnerable to unexpected external factors.

When you plan forward, you rarely end up meeting your intended goal on your timeline.

It’s critical to plan backward from your intended goal, and in this course, I’ll show you exactly how! 

In the ENDGAME Program, you’ll identify your endgame, choose your timeline, and break down your plan into bite-size parts. 

You’ll discover the importance of having a winning mindset and know how to prepare your business to maximize your success. 

By the end of this program, you’ll have a clear plan of action, know how to scale, and sell your business for the price you deserve!

I can’t wait for you to get started! See you on the inside!

To your success,


ready to join?

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7 Module Self Paced Online Course

(value: $1497)

Template for an NDA

(value: $197)

Worksheet to create your 3-year Budget

(value: $1000)

Template to create your CIM

(value: $497)

Total value= $3191

Yours today for $997

7 Day Money Back Guarantee

VIP Bonus

1:1 Coaching sessions for one month

Total value= $8191

Yours today for $1497

7 Day Money Back Guarantee

VIP Bonus

Access to me on Telegram for 30 days

Total value= $3191

Yours today for $997

7 Day Money Back Guarantee

Hey Solange! I have a question for you!

How can I help?!

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