2022: Year in Review

2022 Review

Lovely 2023 is almost here and it’s time to review 2022.

Impossible right? But it’s true… 2023 will be here soon, and before the year ends, it’s time to evaluate our last year as a business owner and plan for a new one.

I’m currently in Switzerland, looking for a fantastic place for a Mastermind to offer to my VIP clients and to spend time with friends! 

It’s also the time to do some planning for 2023!

But first, let me talk about what worked and didn’t in 2022!

The first thing that we did this year was that we moved our website off of Squarespace.

I love Squarespace, and it was a fantastic tool as I created my first website by myself, but I was getting frustrated because I wanted to create different designs, and it was a challenge to do so with Squarespace.

The first thing we did was move our website off of Squarespace – we moved over to Showit. Thanks to TONIC, the process was so easy with their templates. List building was so much easier with this new website. Because we are launching new offerings in 2023, list building will be our top priority!

Next, let’s talk about the mindset in the business. 

Back in January 2022, I decided it was time to focus on high-ticket clients. This year was so much better than 2021.

In the last 6 months, with my business partner, we did $70 Million in transactions, and our largest sale to date sold for $60 Million!

I love helping young entrepreneurs buy and finance their first businesses. Still, in 2022 I’ve chosen to focus on entrepreneurs who want to sell their businesses – business owners who have prepared years in advance for a successful and profitable exit.

Over the last 3 to 5 years, they have created value and planned when and how they would sell their businesses.

Finally, I invested in a business coach and tweaked my offering!

In May 2022, I decided it was time to create something entirely different for my business. My business partner will retire in August 2023, and as much as I love doing M&A transactions, I also love to travel!

Everyone told me to create something unique, to niche down… and I didn’t know where to start. 🤦‍♀️

I know you’re going to tell me that I’m a business coach and that I do this every day, but when it’s for us, we don’t know where to start; I thought it was time to get some help! 🤷‍♀️

So I reached out to Emily and James Williams and booked a VIP day with them in Austin, Texas, for September! I now call Emily my new COO – Chief Operations Officer! Together, we created an entirely new offering for 2023; a new online program, THE ENDGAME, to help business owners scale and prepare their businesses for a successful and profitable exit!

Yes, believe it or not, all businesses get sold, given away, or liquidated sooner or later. So if you start early enough, the process will lead you to build a better, stronger, more resilient company and one with a higher market value. 

I also invested in a team; Jessica, Ashley, and Racheal are helping me scale my business and prepare everything to launch my new program in January.

Lessons for 2023


I will focus on online products (The ENDGAME program is the first step)! Freedom is so important to me! I love doing M&A transactions, but it’s time-consuming, and when I work on a transaction, I’m unable to travel. No doubt revenues are fantastic, but I also need more time to travel…

It was an absolute joy to get to know my client so profoundly in each transaction, and I definitely will keep doing 2-3 transactions every year… but not 10 as we did in 2022! I will definitely be placing my focus in the future more on digital courses and less on 1:1.

My goal is to create a new online program sometime in November 2023 and launch a Mastermind for my VIP clients – Switzerland should be our first destination!


The other thing we will continue doing into 2023 is doing more emails to promote our new offering. My goal is to get 1,000 students over the next 12 months.

Because list building is an important piece of your business strategy, I will be part of Let’s Ace Your List in January! On January 13, I’ll be there talking about the importance of listing building to scale your company and have a successful and profitable exit when you are ready to sell your business alongside 20+ experts. There’s no cost to sign up. Join HERE!


I enjoy running my business and changing the lives of business owners… but the next thing I want to do in 2023 is to plan actual vacations once a quarter. Greece, Croatia, London, and California are on my to-do list for 2023! I’d love to work from different places and take some time off while I’m there.

Yeah, that was 2022! The highlight was definitely our largest sale to date, sold for $60 Million!

Don’t forget if you need tips and advice with your business strategy… I’ve got you covered. 

Make sure to read the Blog, and let’s connect on Instagram or Facebook to get all the answers to your questions.

What about you? Do you take the time to evaluate your business before the new year arrives?


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