Are business sacrifices worth it?

Business sacrifice, is it worth it?

Thomas Jefferson once said ”To get what you never had; you need to do what you never did!” I have always believed that my actions map my aspirations, and often I get this question: Are business sacrifices worth it?

As an entrepreneur, when I launched my business, I was:

  • Working on my business when my friends were taking a vacation
  • Working on my business late at night
  • Working on weekends

I learn to love what I do and embrace all the sacrifices I need to make to become a successful business owner.

Being an entrepreneur means being willing to do what others won’t.

  • You’ll plan while others will be in a cubicle working a 9-to-5 job.
  • You’ll work while others will be on vacation.
  • You’ll create while others complain about their lives.

Commit to big things, and remember that all sacrifices are worth it!

What about your sacrifices? Comment below; I’d love to learn about your business and if you believe that business sacrifices are worth it.


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