Be creative to succeed!

Be creative to succeed!

Creativity is an essential aspect for business owners… and being creative can get you to be successful! Ready to be creative to succeed?


Yes…. Creativity is not limited to artistic endeavors; it encompasses the ability to think outside the box, find innovative solutions to problems, and imagine new possibilities. 

But first, let’s define creativity! Creativity is the tendency to generate or recognize ideas, alternatives, or possibilities helpful in solving problems, communicating with others, and entertaining ourselves and others.

So, are you ready to discover how being creative can make you successful?

Being creative as a business owner can help with your day-to-day operations and challenges but also help you create new offerings! Here is why…

#1 – Problem Solving

Creativity allows business owners to approach challenges and obstacles with fresh perspectives. It enables them to devise unconventional solutions, adapt to changing circumstances, and turn setbacks into opportunities.

When I face a challenge, I always try to think outside the box and figure out a new way or solution. During COVID, I switched from in-person events and built a strong online community presence, which increased brand awareness and customer trust in my business.

#2 – Innovation

Creativity is the engine of innovation. Business owners must continually innovate to stay competitive and meet changing market demands. Creative thinking leads to developing new products, services, and processes that can set a business apart.

To attract new clients, I am creating a Mastermind program (this new program will be launched soon) to help clients build a profitable and sellable business, which will allow me to help them create value long before they think about selling it.

#3 – Adaptability

The business environment constantly evolves, and creative thinking is essential for adapting to these changes. Creativity helps business owners identify new strategies, pivot when necessary, and remain agile in the face of disruption.

#4 – Marketing and Branding

Creativity plays a significant role in creating compelling marketing campaigns, building strong brand identities, and connecting with customers emotionally.

A creative marketing approach can set a business apart and foster customer loyalty. Last year, I invested in a new website and branding. Thanks to Shelby, I now have a beautiful website, but also, a website that turns visitors into customers. It was one of the best investment of 2023!

#5 – Differentiation

Creativity enables businesses to differentiate themselves in the market. Unique product features, creative marketing strategies, and exceptional customer experiences can help a business stand out and attract a loyal customer base.

Over the last ten years, I learned how to niche my offer… and use my expertise to differentiate myself as a business coach. Because I know what it takes to sell a business for top dollar, I can teach other business owners how to build a profitable and sellable business.

I know it’s hard to admit, but one day, all businesses get sold, liquidated or given a way!

#6 – Risk Management

Creative thinking is valuable for evaluating and mitigating risks. Business owners can use their creativity to explore various scenarios, develop contingency plans, and make informed decisions when taking calculated risks.

Over the last few years, I’ve automated and streamlined my client processes. This helped me reduce dependency on my virtual assistant (and manual operations) and ensure business continuity while I sleep or away from the office.

#7 – Legacy and Impact

For many business owners, leaving a lasting impact is a significant goal.

Creative solutions and visionary thinking can result in innovations and contributions that positively impact the industry, community, and society.

As a business coach, I love connecting experienced entrepreneurs with aspiring business owners. When I launched my business in 2013, I was surrounded by seasoned business owners, and I love to give this opportunity to my clients.

#8 – Continuous Improvement

Creativity encourages growth, pushing business owners to seek continuous learning and improvement. This mindset is vital for staying ahead in a rapidly changing world.

I invest more than $20,000 each year in Masterminds and coaching programs… and each of which pushed my business to new levels (in 2022, I invested more than $50,000 and I actually hit the seven-figure mark!).

#9 – Team Engagement

Fostering a culture of creativity within the organization can lead to more engaged and motivated employees. When encouraged to think creatively, employees are more likely to contribute innovative ideas and feel a deeper connection to the company’s mission.

Do be afraid to let your employees create new offerings, systems and solutions!

Creativity is a vital asset for business owners as it empowers them to innovate, solve problems, adapt to change, and create a distinctive presence in the market.

Embracing creativity can lead to more resilient, dynamic, and successful businesses. It allows business owners to realize their vision, address challenges effectively, and make a meaningful impact on both their industry and the world.

Ready to be creative to succeed?

Now, I’m curious! What about your vision of being creative as a business owner? Comment below or hit REPLY; I’d love to know how you use your creativity daily in your business.


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