Behind-the-scenes – so far in 2021

Behind the scenes!

I love writing these Behind-The-Scenes posts!

I’m used to sharing where I love to travel and work, but today, let’s talk about what happened in my business over the last six months.

You often told me you want more of these posts, so let’s get started!

Starting with Facebook Ads

I started with Facebook Ads to grow my email list before launching a new offer in September 2021.

Amber helps me a lot, and I see the difference; my email list is growing so fast.

I decided to work with someone with expertise with Facebook Ads instead of trying to figure out everything myself.

I aimed to get results quickly and didn’t want to deal with the try-and-error process.

The investment was worth it. Ads are a big focus for us in the future.

Working on back-end business processes

The back end refers to the ‘behind-the-scenes’ operations.

I needed more hands to help me serve my clients.

I also wanted to create new products and implement new strategies, but it was complicated with the lack of team members.

Because I don’t want to manage a team (I want to travel often, and I don’t want an office with a team), I needed to develop processes to continue to grow with fewer consultants.

I worked to put most of the work (accounting, marketing, etc.) on auto-pilot!

Creating new products

I reorganized my schedule to create and record this new course that will be launched in September.

Office decoration and recording studio

When the pandemic arrived, I had to organize my tiny office to work from home.

But when 2021 arrived, and we could not do much, I had to reorganize my office to record my course from home.

My first goal was to hire someone to do my course’s recording and editing, but I had to change my strategy since we were not allowed to do it.

Our government is working hard to get most of us vaccinated before September, so I’m hopeful I’ll be working from somewhere in Europe by the next time I do one of these BTS posts.

I can’t wait to have my life back!

What about you? Do you share many behind-the-scenes posts?


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