How to get started with content creation

Episode 8 – HOW TO GET STARTED WITH CONTENT CREATION. If you’re ready to launch your online business and need some tips to promote your business and build trust with your potential customers, this Q&A episode is your blueprint.

Michele is launching an online business and wants to promote her services and build trust with her ICA.

I’m a wedding photographer, and I want to use a blog to promote my services and build trust with potential customers. I’m just starting my business. Do I need to wait before creating a blog? Also, I need to create content for my Blog, and I don’t know where to start. Any advice?

Any advice for someone starting from scratch?

Here is what you can do.

Create categories for your blog posts

You may want to showcase your work and create a wedding category. You can also create a Behind-the-scenes category so your future clients can see how a photoshoot with you works.

A third category can showcase tips on getting excellent photos and talk about the equipment you use, how your plan your shoots, and any other advice other photographers would love to get.

Decide when you are going to Blog

Every week? Every month? There is no right or wrong answer here. But whatever you choose to do, be consistent! If you have time to post content once a month, go for it…

Find content

For your wedding and behind-the-scenes categories, you will use content from your clients. But to share tips, you may want to look into different Facebook groups you are following or answer questions you often receive.

Let’s say you are blogging once a week; you need four monthly posts. So each month, you could create two posts to showcase your work, one related to behind-the-scenes, and in your last post, you could share a tip.

Another tip: Batching is a terrific way to be effective. I love to batch my content for at least a month. Because I know my categories (I have 8), I find a subject for each.

Then I write the content, find the images for each post, and when everything is ready, I schedule them into Facebook Business Suite.

The goal is to help you create content to showcase your work and build trust.

Remember that content is anything that adds value to the reader’s life.


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