Lead magnets 101

Episode 13 – LEAD MAGNETS 101. This episode is for you if you are considering lead magnets to build your email list.

Paige wants to get more people on her email list and wants to know which lead magnet she should create.

I’m a brand strategist, and I launched my business 6 months ago. I’d love to get more people on my email list. I know you often talked about lead magnets. Can you tell me which lead magnet I should create to get more followers on my email list quickly? Any advice?

Here is what you can do.

You can create different lead magnets such as a Guide, a Checklist, a Template, a Mini-course, or a Webinar. You have many options. But the two Freebies that worked best for me were a quiz and a challenge.


I use ¨tryinteract.com¨ to create the quizzes on my website. Using a quiz as a lead magnet is simple, and all you need to do is require users to enter an email address to opt-in to get their results. The quiz is the most successful of all the freebies I have developed. I can quickly get 100 subscribers per week via the quiz.


Challenges are fun and delivered over a series of days or weeks. A challenge is where you offer to help someone to achieve a specific goal over a particular period. You may choose to deliver a series of lessons over a series of days or weeks.

Another tip:  You can also have a giveaway offer. A giveaway is one of the best ways to keep existing followers active and engaged with your business. Ask them to register by providing their email address and, in exchange, offer them the chance to win one of your products or services. If they tag someone on your post, they can have another chance to win! The best giveaway running time is generally 14 days.

Remember, Keep it simple. Your Freebies don’t have to be long and complex. The perfect lead magnet will offer value within 5 minutes of the opt-in.


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