New offering = new ICA

A new offering equal a new ICA

Episode 15 – NEW OFFERING = NEW ICA. Knowing how to find clients is an essential skill for a business owner.

Judy wants to add a new service to her business to generate more revenue but wants to know if she must define an ICA for every service.

I launched a virtual assistant for coaches as an online business 2 years ago, and I love what I’m doing. Now, I want to offer my services to online course educators. We are now a team of 3, and I’d love to see if adding a new service to my business can bring more revenues. But I have a question first. Do I need to define a different ICA for each offering?

Here is what you can do.

I recommend creating a new ICA (Ideal Customer or Community Avatar).


Identifying an ICA for each service you offer will help you with your marketing and product development tremendously. So, here is my answer to your question. 

Start by building a single avatar—but don’t stop there. Your business almost certainly has more than one ideal customer representing the different segments of your market.

Start from scratch

When it comes to creating a new ICA, there are a few essential components you should include, such as what they want, what they need, their pain points, and their goals.

You may find a different answer to these questions than the one you got when you defined your ICA 2 years ago because you are not targeting the same market.

Some of your potential clients will be coaches who want to turn their businesses into online courses. But you can also target other industries and businesses that are not offering coaching services.

You should target a specific niche. Which online course creators best represent your ICA?

List their objections

Think about all the reasons why your ICA might choose NOT to buy your service as a virtual assistant. Address these “objections” in your marketing strategy.

Another tip: Find where you can reach out to these new clients. They may be present in a different community than your current ICA, a different Facebook Group. You may need to adjust your marketing strategy with this new ICA.

Remember, you’re NOT targeting everyone.


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