Hiring 101 – Tips!

Hiring your first employee.

Episode 19 – HIRING 101. Knowing what to do when it’s time to hire your first employee is essential.

Erika is ready to hire her first employee, and she needs help.

It’s now time for me to hire my first employee, but I don’t know where to start. Can you help me?

Here is what you can do.

Look for someone with a sense of loyalty

A person committed to your business is the candidate you want to hire. You don’t want to hire an employee who switches jobs frequently; check your candidates’ references and ensure they fit your company.

Check Compatibility

Compatibility is the ingredient that leads teams to excellent success. Establish the criteria for your ideal candidate before starting your selection for interviews. Ask questions that will reveal if your candidate’s vision aligns with yours.

Are you looking for someone who can handle specific tasks herself? Are you looking for someone with specific expertise? What about the tools you use for your daily operations (Kajabi, QuickBooks, Showit)

Another tip: Make your interviews experiential by testing your candidates’ skills. Ask them directly how they would work through different scenarios. Have them perform sample work.

You will find patterns of behavior that will help you decide whether this person is a good fit for the position and your business.

Remember, hiring the right people takes time. When you post for recruitment, ensure the job description is complete and clear. Also, be transparent; explain who you are, and let them know that you’re hiring your first employee and are excited to expand your business.


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