Ready to start or not?

Episode 24 – READY TO START OR NOT? Knowing if you are ready or not to kickstart your online business. Shannon wants to launch her online business, but she’s unsure if I should. She’s looking for a sign confirming it’s the right decision.

I want to launch my online business, but I’m not sure if I should or not. I currently work as a social media coordinator, but I want to ditch this job and launch my own business. I guess I’m looking for a sign confirming it’s the right decision. Please help!

Here is what you can do.

You want to be your own boss

 Sick of answering to someone else, you envision being in the driver’s seat and having more control over your future… and your life? Maybe you are ready to be your own boss!

You need more flexibility in your life

Having your own business means you get to set your schedule. Maybe you will finish your day at 7 PM, but you can do it if that works best for you because you want to be with your kids in the morning. You won’t need to ask permission to take some time off for yourself or to be with your kids.

In my case, I love to start my day super early and take some time off on Fridays during summertime. Yes, I open my computer on weekends to answer clients or DM from people I don’t know, but it’s MY choice, and I love my life!

Another tipYour product or idea has a market: You have a product or service you want to create. You are the go-to expert, and everyone wants some advice from you. Awesome, but make sure you’ve done your research! Confirm with your ICA (Ideal Customer/Community Avatar) that your product/service is right for them. Because you can have a fantastic product or service, but if no one wants it, it will lead to 0 sales.

Remember, You will never be 100% ready! Be ready to take some risks. If you want to ditch your 9-5 tomorrow and start building your online business, maybe you should plan before telling your boss you’re leaving! Because if you start building your idea today, you may not be able to get revenues from your business for many months.

It takes time to be successful.

Do you have some cash available or do you need a paycheck every second week? I’m answering your question, and I realize that all those signs were there in 2013 when I decided to launch my online business! Be ready to work a lot before you can get some freedom and flexibility, but the journey is worth it!


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