Giving back

Episode 30 Knowing how to give back to your community and make a difference is important!

Episode 30 – GIVING BACK. Knowing how to give back to your community and make a difference is significant!

Christine wants to give back to her community for the holidays but doesn’t want to give money.

I’m a marketing strategist and I launched my business 3 years ago. I want to give back to my community for the Holidays, but I don’t know how. I just don’t want to give money to a cause, I want to create something unique that will last in my community. Any advice?

Here is what you can do.

Offer your expertise to a cause

Volunteer your time and offer your expertise to a local organization. Be on a board to help a nonprofit organization or help them with their marketing strategy.

Offer them to review what they do to promote their organization and suggest strategies they can implement. You can also offer to help them with the implementation part.

Over the past few years, I’ve been on the Board of Mission Safe. Mission Safe works with Boston’s highly at-risk youth and their families to gain the skills and confidence to thrive, not just survive, and to improve their community and their world.

Create a fundraising event

You can also plan a large-scale fundraising event to raise awareness of a local need and bring a lot of money to your community. Ask a local organization you would like to help.

You can also organize a group of volunteers to help you realize your project. You will create new connections, give back to your community, and promote your business!

Another tip: Offer Your Products and Services to a local business. Can you offer one of your products or service to a local business? If you are designing logos, you can offer a giveaway for local businesses or a FREE 1:1 coaching session to help them with their marketing strategy.

I love to offer 1:1 FREE coaching sessions to youth entrepreneurs looking to learn more about how to launch their businesses and what they need to do to succeed.

Remember that giving is not about donating it’s about making a difference.


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