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Episode 32 Knowing what to post to build trust, establish your credibility, and have your readers subscribe to my email list is essential.

Episode 32 – POST IDEAS TO STEAL. Knowing what to post to build trust, establish your credibility, and have your readers subscribe to my email list is essential.

Alesia wants to learn how to generate more ideas for her Blog.

I’m a designer and I help new moms design beautiful baby bedrooms. I teach them how to do it via a 1:1 coaching session. I want to Blog more often to build trust, and in one year from now, I’d love to launch an online course, but first, I need to grow my email list. So, I’m always reading blogs and listening to Podcasts, but I don’t know how to generate my post ideas. I’d love to Blog once a week and write my posts in advance. How can I find what to post to build trust, establish my credibility and have my readers subscribe to my email list? Please help me!

Here is what you can do.

Ask your audience

You can also ask your audience how to help them and use their questions to create your posts.

Most of my posts are from my followers on Instagram or Facebook or questions I get in my monthly Q&A from my two courses. When I get the same question more than once, I add that question to my to-do list for a future blog post.

Give advice

Use your expertise to create a post. I love to write posts about Squarespace features to help my readers build their websites without spending thousands of dollars or waiting for a web designer to do it.

Use your Blog to give tips to new moms wanting to redesign their nurseries. Maybe one Blog post can be about choosing the right color.

Use Behind-the-Scenes posts to show your audience how to design a room for kids, explain the before and after look, and why you selected this new design.

Another tip: Remember when you started. The questions you asked yourself when you started are the same ones people ask themselves today. You were looking for advice on what? Colors, Fabrics, Style, Furniture? Using your questions is a quick way to generate subjects for your posts.

When blogging, you aim to keep your audience engaged and share relevant, helpful content. Remember, people are one click away from leaving your Blog. If you need some tips, let’s discover how I did it! Get to the point and provide value.


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