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episode 43 keep people on your website longer

Episode 43HOW TO KEEP PEOPLE ON YOUR WEBSITE LONGER. Knowing how to keep people on your website is so important.

Juliette just created her first website and wants to keep people longer on her site.

I just created my first website, but how can I make sure people take the time to read my blog learn more about me and my services. I have photos of myself, good copy, and at least one call to action on every page… anything else I should do? 

Here are some essential elements you want to consider:

Create fresh content frequently

Because you have a blog, you have an opportunity to create new content frequently. If you post regularly, let’s say once a week, people will have the incentive to come back.

Use your blog to share your expertise and stay in tune with your audience. The best way to keep visitors on your website is to offer them content that interests them.

Make things easy to find and navigate!

Finding information should be easy for your website visitors. Don’t leave them guessing; make it super easy for them to find what they’re looking for. Wasting other people’s time is never a good thing.

A clean, attractive design and easy navigation will go a long way in turning first-time visitors into customers.

Use basic website standards and best practices…

This means your website should load quickly and be mobile-friendly. You also want to create a simple navigation menu, clear calls to action, and robust search capabilities to provide a good user experience.

Another tipCreate a headline that will grab your visitors’ attention. Write a promise on your headline that will speak to your ICA, your Ideal Customer, or your Community, and make sure to over-deliver.

Remember, your goal is to keep people on your website longer! The objective of every webpage is to tell visitors that they’re in the right place. Also, don’t forget to test your navigation menu and your call-to-action. Validate your copy and readjust if you see that your website visitors leave your website after a few seconds.


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