Doing more every day

Doing more every day Episode 45

Episode 45 – DOING MORE EVERY DAY! You can always get more money, but you cannot get more time. Putting in place, the right system will save you time and reduce stress.

Helen is a new business owner, and she wants some tips to learn how to have more time to work on her business.

I’m a new business owner. I have so much to do, and I feel I don’t have time to do everything. Please don’t tell me to hire a VA because I need to generate revenues first. How were you able to do it when you started your business? Any advice?

Here are some essential elements you want to consider:

Automate your social media

Improve your social media process with a social media schedule. Decide on your social media plan in advance for your Facebook page and Facebook group, Instagram posts, or LinkedIn or Pinterest. Then use an all-in-one platform (such as Planoly) to plan and schedule your content across your social media. Experiment with different posting days and times.

When you find the best times to post, you’ll increase web traffic, engagement, and social shares! Because it allows you to decide what you’ll post and when weeks or months in advance, a simple social media calendar can significantly simplify and improve your social media process and save you time.

Automate lead generation

Your email list is one of the most important assets of your business. To build your email list, you can use pop-ups, freebies, or coupons for one of your products or services. To get access to your content, visitors will have to provide an email address, and that will help you build your list.

Automate your payments

If you have many invoices to send or invoices to pay every month, having the ability to automate the process can save you a ton of time. But you must check every month to make sure that your automated payments are up to date. Keep track of all your paid subscriptions by using an app that allows you to easily track and review your subscriptions.

Another tip: Batch all your content. With content batching, you’ll be able to plan content weeks in advance and focus your creative energy without jumping from task to task. This is a much more stress-free approach to your social media strategy. Try to batch your next 30 days of content; it will save you so much time. If you want to learn how to batch content in one hour, read the post!

Remember, you can always get more money, but you cannot get more time. Putting in place, the right system will save you time and reduce stress.


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