Building your email list from zero


Episode 47 – BUILDING YOUR EMAIL LIST FROM ZERO. Your email list is one of the essential elements of your business.

Cassie is a new business owner who wants to know how to build her email list from scratch.

I launched my business as a virtual CFO for small businesses. I want to build my email list to reach out to more potential customers and provide content to them via my newsletter each week. Any advice to help me… for now, my only subscribers are my mom and best friend. Thanks.

Here are some essential elements to consider when building your email list from zero.

Create a quiz

A quiz will help you attract new people to your list in a fun way. It will allow you to engage your prospects and convert them into leads. It’s super easy with You will guide your ICA through a series of questions related to a topic (think here about the expertise you want to sell) and provide them with their results by email in exchange for their name and email.

Make it a short quiz that will take people no more than 60 seconds to complete. Quizzes are popular because they’re interactive and more attention-grabbing than static content.

Use a pop-up strategy on your website

A pop-up is a small window that appears while browsing a website. We mainly use pop-ups for advertising and generating leads. Check out your email marketing service provider, as many have now incorporated pop-ups that you can personalize at no additional cost.

Here are two reasons you want to use a pop-up on your website.

Reason #1: for the visibility. They’re right there, front and center, or at the bottom—wherever you choose to have them pop up.

Reason #2: they are easy to create; you can add and modify your pop-ups whenever you want.

Another tip: Use the launching of a new product or service as an opportunity to build your email list. When we launch a new offering, we share freebies and resources so our audience can learn more about our new product or service. Offering engaging and informative content helps us build authority and grow our email list.

Remember, consistency is more important than perfection. Take action every week to build your email list.


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