How do you stay on top of industry trends?

Episode 50

Episode 50 – HOW DO YOU STAY ON TOP OF INDUSTRY TRENDS? Learning how to stay on top of industry trends is so important to stay competitive.

Emily is a business owner who wants to know how to stay on top of industry trends and generate new ideas for her business.

I have an online business as a virtual assistant. I manage five clients, all located in the United States. For the past two years, my business has been growing steadily, and I want to make sure it will keep on growing. How do I stay on top of industry trends and generate new ideas for my business? Any advice?

Here are some essential elements you want to consider to stay on top of industry trends.

To stay competitive, we must keep up to date with evolving business trends because they affect our business, customers, and industry. So, to help you get started, here is my answer to your question.


Get to know people in your industry but also outside of your industry.

Meet and talk with other business owners and learn what they need to run their businesses better and what they see coming shortly for your industry.

These conversations will spark new ideas and help you determine the trends (technology, business, economics, culture, fashion, etc.) most relevant to you.

Get involved in your industry

Join industry associations, attend events, participate in online communities, take online courses, and connect with other business owners in your industry.

I love associations because they work hard to keep their members abreast of trends, so take advantage of them.

Keep in touch with your customers

Social media lets you easily find out what your customers think and want

Use Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and/or Twitter; it’s FREE! Remember to listen more than you talk and focus on acquiring information.

Another tip: Think outside the box and get beyond your industry! Look at other markets and regions to learn what people in different fields are doing all around the globe. Learning about trends in other parts of the world will spark new ideas.

Remember, the value of an idea lies in its using of it. If you see a new trend in your industry, take the time to test it with your clients and evaluate how it will impact your business.


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