How to overcome impostor syndrome

Learning how to overcome imposter syndrome is essential.

Episode 6 – HOW TO OVERCOME IMPOSTOR SYNDROME. If you want to learn how to overcome imposter syndrome, this Q&A episode is for you.

Laura has success with her online business but sometimes has doubts!

How can I overcome imposter syndrome? I am a marketing coach and I help women build their marketing strategy. But no matter how much I accomplish; I sometimes feel I’m a fraud. My clients have amazing successes, and they never complain about my work or my prices, but sometimes I just doubt myself. I’m reading about imposter syndrome, but I’m still struggling and can’t find an answer.

Got any advice?

Here is what you can do.

Share your doubts and talk about your feelings

Talk to people who feel the same way – share your thoughts; you’ll feel better knowing you’re not alone and may gain some insight!

Remind yourself how to help your customers and why they are working with you.

Have a positive mindset about yourself and your work.

Track your successes

Instead of telling yourself they are going to find you out or that you don’t deserve success, remind yourself of your successes, but stay humble.

How did you help your customers with their marketing strategy? What were the results? Don’t be afraid of mistakes; you can’t know everything.

You will improve over time and become a better marketing coach. Take comfort in this.

Another tip: Visualize your success and keep your eye on the outcome – by completing a 1:1 coaching session or making a presentation to a group and getting awesome feedback.

Remember that it’s not what you are that holds you back; it’s what you think you are not! Stay humble, curious, and openhearted, but don’t be afraid to celebrate your success. 


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