Facing challenges, don’t quit, change!

Facing challenges, don't quit, change!

You’ve heard it, “giving up is not an option,” but it could be difficult sometimes when it comes to how not to give up. The other day, I received a question asking me how I can never give up when facing challenges with my business. My advice, facing challenges? Don’t quit, change!

If you feel ready to throw in the towel, I FEEL YOU.

I know what it feels like to work hard on a project, and I still feel it’s not working.

Don’t quit just yet…take a deep breath…recalibrate…surround yourself with people who believe in you…then create a plan.

Give it one more try because life is too short not to make your dreams a reality.

When I face challenges in my business, here is what I do:

I’m ready to fail… and learn from it

Be resilient because failures will make you stronger. The strongest entrepreneurs have failed, and they’re okay with it! Take your failures like feedback! Learn from them and keep moving forward.

I’m deaf… and I refuse to hear negative things

Move forward despite your doubt or negative comments about you and your business. Refuse to listen, read or pay attention to ugly things people can say.

I have a clear plan for me and my business

I have a goal and have developed a step-by-step guide for the next year and where I want my business to be in 5 years.

And guess what?

I’m unstoppable, and I remind myself that things never go as planned, and I’m no different. So when I face a challenge, I focus on my goal, remind myself WHY I launched my business, and find new ways to keep moving forward.

Have a clear plan for your business!

I talk about it

You are not the only one facing challenges, so talk about it! I often ask for help, and I get it!

These people will look you in the face to say, “You better fight and don’t quit.”

They don’t get paid for the therapy sessions, but they help you realize life is worth it, even if the challenges are part of it. Make sure to have a support team around you when needed!

I take time for myself

When nothing works, I run, take a walk or book a massage in a spa… to clear my head for a few hours! I allow myself to complain for 24 hours; then, I move on.

What about your ways of facing challenges? Comment below; I’d love to get more advice on the subject.

And if you need to talk about it, you can always DM me!


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