Financial numbers you should track

Financial numbers you should track

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Someone reached out last week and asked which number should be tracked when you manage your business. Here are five critical financial numbers all businesses should know and track:

Cash Flow

Sufficient cash flow in your business accounts is essential and should meet your business’s monthly expenses.

Gross Margin

You’re not charging enough for your products if your gross margin doesn’t cover your monthly business expenses (rent, salaries, etc.).

Net Income

Calculating your net income is the easiest way to determine if you’re making money. It would be best to calculate your net income every month to know where your business is heading.

Profit and Loss

The P&L statement shows your company’s income (sales and revenue) minus expenses during a specific period (I love to do monthly P&L). It will help you predict the success of your business and allow your company to grow gradually.


You must keep an eye on sales to react quickly if they dip so you can react and take action immediately and implement a strategy to re-adjust.

Do you track your financial numbers? Comment below; I’d love to know!


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