How to celebrate milestones

July is here, and over the weekend, I was thinking about all the work done over the last six months, and I decided to celebrate! Celebrate the growth of my business, the lessons learned, and the connections I made. Wondering how to celebrate milestones?

Businesses value different milestones depending on the industry and company culture. There are many occasions to celebrate… anniversaries, opening a new location, meeting a sales goal, etc. But the goal is to get creative and celebrate!

Then I realized a fantastic chocolate cake and a Margarita could be perfect. Still, I was thinking about something more official because I want to celebrate with all the people around me who helped me throughout this incredible journey.

Are you looking for different ways to celebrate your milestones?

Here are some ways to celebrate the end of Q2…

Treat your team

Your employees and the consultants you work with are your company’s lifeblood, and your success depends on them. Take the time to celebrate with them, and do a virtual cocktail party if you work from different destinations. It’s time to say THANK YOU to all of them.

Publicize your milestone

Share your milestone on social media, blog posts, on your Podcast, or via emails. It’s FREE, but you can share your success and build trust with your audience.

Make your customers a special offer

Want to thank your existing customers and attract new customers simultaneously? Combine your milestone with a discount, sales event, or giveaway. Tell them it’s your way to say THANK YOU.

Get a photoshoot

Freeze the moment in time forever by getting a photoshoot. You can also gather up the whole team for a company photo. Hiring a professional photographer is unnecessary; a smartphone will serve just fine.

Create a video

Make a video about your milestone and share it widely. You can also include your team in the video. Share your milestone, but take the time to say THANK YOU to your client in this video.

Celebrating milestones is a big deal, no matter how many years your company has under its belt. When you set your goals for Q3, also set the way you will celebrate your success!

What about you? Comment below; I’d love to know if you celebrate your success and how you do it!


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