How to create a mini-course

How to create a mini course

I often get questions about how you can quickly generate a new stream of revenues for your business. Creating a mini-course can be a good option! You can launch your mini-course in less than five days and generate revenue.

When I create a mini-course, my price point is between $27 and $97 because I aim to build my email list before launching a new online course.

Looking to learn how to do it? Here are the steps to follow:

Step #1 – Identify your goal

A mini-course helps your students get started with a specific subject. But what’s your goal? List building, show your ICA how you teach because you are launching an online course soon, generating money on autopilot.

Set your goal before starting anything! If you are launching your online course, you want to promote this new course into your mini-course and give your students a sneak peek of what your course will look like!

Step #2 – Create your course outline

What do you want your ICA to learn from you? Can you create 3 to 8 lessons to cover this topic? You must select your topic, create your outline (which subjects you will cover), and pick a name for your mini-course.

Step #3 – Create your content and graphics

Create the content for your presentation and design the graphics. Create one presentation per lesson, and keep it simple! I love to use Powerpoint to create my slides and Canva for design.

Step #4 – Record and edit your mini-course

When you’re ready to record your course videos, you’ll need your presentation slides, microphone, and webcam (if you want to record a face-to-camera video, but for a mini-course, you can only record your voice).

For my microphone, I use Blue Yeti and Quicktime to record and iMovie to edit. You can also use Screenflow to record and edit your mini-course!

Step #5 –  Select a platform to host your mini-course

To host your mini-course, you need to select a platform, but the success of your online course is not dependent upon your online course platform.

If you are launching an online course in the future, you want to use the same platform; if you are starting from scratch, head to my previous Blog post, COURSE PLATFORM, to get more info. I chose Kajabi after attending Amy Porterfield’s Digital Course Academy.

I love the design, but especially the features offered by the platform. You can decide to use Teachable or Thinkific. Regardless of your chosen platform, think long-term and remember that each offers you a free trial of at least 14 days!

Step #6 –  Price Your mini-course

You’re not alone if you’re having difficulty pricing your online course. Pricing your online course can be one of the most complex decisions.

When I launched my first mini-course, I read so many blogs and listened to various Podcasts to learn that a mini-course can be sold at a price point from $7 to $97.

Step #7 – Launch and promote your course

It’s time to launch and promote your mini-course. You may decide to send an email to your email list or post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn, but everyone needs to know about your new offering!

I probably spent 12 hours creating the mini-course – from ideation, product creation, course creation, copywriting, recording, editing, Facebook and Instagram posts, and email marketing sequence. I also ran Facebook Ads to help promote and sell my mini-course.

You see that you can quickly create products and offers to generate a new income stream for your business. Once you’ve had a little practice, creating the back end of a product or course can take just a few minutes (coming up with a killer name and excellent content will take longer).

What about you? Which mini-course can you create and launch this week?


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