How to measure your social media conversion rate

How to measure your social media conversion rate

2021 is almost over… and before jumping into 2022, we must evaluate our goals and learn from our success!

If you are always on social media, answering messages, posting about your products or services… you need to take a step back and measure your social media conversion rate.

But what is a social media conversion rate?

Your conversion rate is the percentage of visitors to your website or your landing pages that convert (meaning do what you want them to do) due to a social media post.

When posting on social media, you wanted your followers to do what… what were your business goals in 2021?

  • Sign-up for your newsletter
  • Submit a form (contact form, request for more information, etc.)
  • Make a purchase
  • Download one of your Freebie (lead magnet)
  • Engage with your site and with you (repeat visits, number of pages visited, number of comments on your posts)

Now that you have your goals in mind, it’s time to look at the different types of conversions.

  • Lead generation – You need to know whether the content consumed by your audience created a lead you could follow up on. You can track this through data sets like blog and email subscriptions or through comments that are connected to your social posts.
  • Sales – You need to know how much money you made due to posting a piece of content. You can easily measure that through your e-commerce system but don’t forget to create trackable CTAs (calls to action) on each post to make that happen.
  • Consumability – You also want to evaluate metrics like how many people in your audience look at your content, such as your website pages, podcasts, videos, and overall downloads from your website.
  • Shareability – You want to measure whether or not the content or posting was engaging enough to share with others on social media. Look if your audience liked and shared your content.

Let’s talk about how you will measure your social media conversion rate. The ability to accurately calculate your conversion rate is directly tied to your ability to track conversions.

You can use advertising and analytics platforms such as Google Analytics, Google AdWord, and Facebook Ads (including Instagram Ads) to track conversions.

But your question is probably, ‘‘how can I boost my social media conversion rate?’’ 

Here are some ways to do it!

  1. Include outstanding CTAs (calls to action).
  2. Make your landing pages mobile-friendly.
  3. Use videos to get more eyes on your promotions.
  4. Be consistent with your branding (don’t switch colors whenever you post something).
  5. Track your social analytics and conversions. You may need to readjust, but numbers are essential.

Though it often differs from business to business, a successful conversion rate for a social media ad campaign is often somewhere in the range of 2-5%. This means that 2-5% of the people who clicked on your social media ads and got to your website performed the desired action you wanted them to take.

What about you? Are you taking the time to measure your social media conversion rate often?


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