How to share your expertise

How to share your expertise

Everyone wants to be the go-to expert in their industry, right? But only a few of them succeed.


Because it’s not everyone willing to:

Share tips and knowledge for FREE and demonstrate value out there

Create different lead magnets (FREEBIES) to demonstrate that you have expertise. Remember that all lead magnets you create will help you build your email list. Ask yourself what questions your ICA has over and over again. How can you help them and build trust?

I love to use CANVA to create my different lead magnets. They offer many templates to help you create your Freebies.

Share how you started from scratch

When we launch our business, we want quick results; when it’s not happening, we are discouraged. Everyone loves to read behind-the-scenes stories and learn how successful entrepreneurs started.

Giving people that inside look into your brand helps build the KNOW, LIKE, and TRUST factors. They can get to know you better and what you have to offer. Then, they start liking you, and it ultimately builds a level of trust.

Share testimonials from various people

Testimonials are one of the essential pieces of a website, landing page, sales page, or any other marketing communication.

Testimonial advertising will help you increase your credibility, sales, and business growth.

No testimonials yet?

Give FREE access to your products or services. By providing free access to a few people, they help you test your offering and get feedback. You can also take on a few clients for case studies.

Can you do that?

Are you introverted and shy to do that? But how can you build trust with your ICA without these three steps?

What about you? How do you share your expertise?


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