Lead magnet ideas

Lead magnet ideas

Hey! To help you get your questions answered quickly, I created this new mini-post series about Squarespace and Biz tips. Blogs in the mini-series will be shorter and sometimes related to a Freebie to help you get some answers to your questions. Ready to get some lead magnet ideas?

Today, let’s talk about Lead Magnet!

A Lead Magnet is a valuable FREE offer to promote to your audience in exchange for their contact information, namely their email address.

Here are the 20 Lead Magnet Ideas!

  1. Quiz (use tryinteract.com to create one)
  2. Template
  3. Challenge
  4. Mini-course (I use Kajabi to create my course and mini-course)
  5. Discount
  6. Webinar
  7. Tutorial
  8. Spreadsheet
  9. Facebook Group
  10. Membership
  11. Coaching Session
  12. Guide
  13. Cheatsheet
  14. Checklist
  15. Audio Book
  16. Newsletter
  17. Masterclass
  18. E-Book
  19. Resource List
  20. Giveaway

For instance, we have different Lead Magnet (Facebook Group, Guide, Giveaway), and the Giveaway has had more success since we launched it!

Remember, it’s not enough to have one Lead Magnet. It would be best if you had a few to rotate and test to see which converts faster.

Do you have a Lead Magnet to promote your business? If you do, comment below and share it!

Ready to create your first lead magnet?


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