Lessons learned since 2013

Lessons learned since 2013

I often get questions about the lessons I have learned since I launched my business.

I remember the early days when I was working in Montreal and studying in Boston, and I was traveling every week to be on Campus for my courses, but I wouldn’t have changed my life for anything despite the lack of sleep…

So here are what you need to know before creating your online business!

I love what you do! Building a business is so demanding that you have to love what you do; otherwise, it will be impossible to devote all the hours necessary to the success of your business.

Don’t look at your competitors – be unique

You don’t want to copy what your competitors offer; you want to create something unique for your own ICA. Instead of competing with others businesses, create something with so much value that your customers will buy from you often.

Have a clear vision for your business on where you want to be in one year, 5, and 10 years

It’s essential to know where you want to go with your business. When you envision your dream business, do you want to [grow and sell it in X years, be your own boss until you retire, or pass it along to your kids or key employees]? When I started, I wanted to be my own boss, make my own decisions, work from everywhere, and travel often.

Don’t take personally the decisions made by your customers

Sometimes, we recommend a strategy to our clients, who choose another path. You have to learn to let go and be there to support them and show them the pros and cons of their decisions. Remember, it’s their business, their decisions.

Build trust first (for free)

My most important client trusted me because I took the time (on December 24) to review a proposal she had received and give her my opinion for free… it’s been over five years, and she is still a significant customer of my business.

Have a team if you want to grow

When I started, I had a team. Later, I decided to have no longer employees to have more freedom… but I quickly realized that to grow, I needed a team, not necessarily employees, but more consultants for specific projects.

What about you? What are the lessons you learned since you started your business? Comment below; I’d love to find out!


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