Get more visibility for your business with a tiny budget

More visibility with a tiny budget.

When you and your business are featured, you’re seen as an expert – people want to work with and hire you. But I often get questions on how to get more visibility if we don’t have money to invest in a major Facebook Ads campaign. Ready to learn how to get more visibility for your business with a tiny budget?

How can you get featured and get more visibility for yourself and/or your business if you have a tiny budget for your marketing? But first, you must know if you are ready to get more visibility.

Do you have a message to share with your audience (your ICA – Ideal Customers or Community Avatar)), a story, or an offering (product or service) that could totally transform someone’s life?

If the answer is YES, getting more visibility is the perfect next step for you and your business.

Here are some ways for your business to increase its visibility and grow.

Produce high-quality content for your social media campaign

Use your expertise to produce content that can be shared via your blog and social media. Remember that developing a social media strategy is more effective than sporadic posting.

Use a social media campaign to increase your business’s visibility.

Most importantly, consistency is the key to success

Don’t platform switch by posting on Instagram for one week, then starting a Podcast the second week and taking a break on the third week. You want your audience to read your content but also comment and share your content with other potential customers.

Create an SEO strategy

Many businesses strive to be on the first page of Google’s search results. But believe me; this doesn’t happen overnight! It takes a lot of hard work. But first, you must create SEO strategies to rank high on search results.

Give to a cause

You may not have the money to invest in sponsorships yet, but why not give to a cause? It will be a great way to grow your exposure and help you create a positive image in your community and reach your audience differently.

Raising money for a nonprofit organization by running 50 miles can be fun. It allows you to promote the event on your social media (and promote yourself and your business simultaneously).

Remember to always link your posts by saying you’re giving to this cause because, for yourself and your business, it’s essential to be involved in the community!

Network, network, and network

Creating and cultivating beneficial relationships with other entrepreneurs is essential. When other business owners talk about your business, it increases your company’s authority and, therefore, your Google ranking.

They will talk about you and your business and promote your offering for free… and you will do the same! When working on a project with someone, I always want to share that on my blog or social media posts to give visibility to that person.

As an entrepreneur, you can always use more visibility.

Another tip, maybe you can use media to bring you more publicity. Media is free publicity that establishes your credibility and authority and allows you to reach new audiences to grow your brand (build trust, establish your credibility).

What about your strategy to get more visibility for your business? Comment below; I’d love to know!


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