Other books to read during the Holiday

Books recommendations for the Holiday!

You have probably already figured out that I love to read! I try to read one book every ten days.

I wrote a post last month, gave you some book recommendations for the Holiday, and received more suggestions.

Guess what happens? I ran to the bookstore to buy more books… ‍

If you are running an online business, here are some book recommendations.

How To Do The Work

#1: How To Do The Work – by Dr. Nicole Lepera

Dr. Nicole LePera is a Holistic Psychologist who believes that mental wellness is for everyone.

In How to Do the Work, Dr. LePera offers readers the support and tools that will allow them to break free from destructive behaviors to reclaim and recreate their lives.

Boundary Boss

#2: Boundary Boss – by Terri Cole

Boundary Boss is for women exhausted from over-giving, overdoing, and over-feeling. If you’re getting it all done but at the expense of yourself, give yourself the gift of Boundary Boss.

If you want to finally break free from over-functioning, over-delivering, people-pleasing, and ignoring your own needs to live the life YOU deserve, this book is for you.


#3: Traction – by Gino Wickman

Traction provides a usable, transferable, implementable system for companies aiming for success and growth.

If you are an entrepreneur who wants to bring more process, efficiency, and effectiveness to your business, you should read this book to learn the secrets of strengthening the six key components of your business.

You’ll discover simple yet powerful ways to run your company to give you and your leadership team more focus, growth, and enjoyment.

The Big Leap

#4: The Big Leap – by Gay Hendricks

The Big Leap deals with the common problems that we face to achieve our ultimate goal and how we limit ourselves.

Gay Hendricks lets us explore our true potential and how to let it flow using positivity.

This book is about dreams and fears and how beating the fears, and self-imposed limits can make all those dreams come true.


#5: Becoming – by Michelle Obama

Becoming is the memoir of former First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama, published in 2018.

The book talks about her roots, how she found her voice, her time in the White House, her public health campaign, and her role as a mother.

It is an autobiography detailing the highs and lows of Michelle Obama’s incredible journey from humble beginnings in the less glamourous South Side of Chicago to the grandeur of the White House and life as America’s first African-American First Lady.

Oh, if you want to read more books, here are other recommendations…


And you, are you reading many books?!

Let me know if you have other recommendations… I’d love to read more books during the Holiday.


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