Questions often asked

Let’s play five questions!

This post is me answering YOUR questions all about building a successful online business. I love when I receive messages asking how I built my business. Let’s dive into five questions often asked!

If you were starting over again, what would you do differently in your business?

I will build my email list earlier. Back in 2013, when I started, I was managing my clients via my Facebook or LinkedIn messages – big mistake!

Start early and be consistent. Your email list will be one of the most important assets of your business.

How did you decide to focus on coaching business owners?

When I first started my business, I did everything. I did a business plan, budget, marketing and communication plan, event management, sponsorship plan, executive recruitment, etc. Name it, and I was offering it.

I don’t regret offering many different services early on because it helped me figure out what I liked and quickly started eliminating what wasn’t selling and things I didn’t love. I learned to pick a specific niche, and from that moment, my revenues doubled in one year.

What were your biggest challenges when you started your business?

Entrepreneurship isn’t easy. I faced different challenges when I started my business in 2013: coming up with excellent service (I was offering so many different services), wearing so many hats, maintaining some work/life balance, and managing cash flow.

What Would You Tell Your Younger Self?

I said that in a previous post, LESSONS LEARNED SINCE 2013, sometimes, we recommend a strategy to our clients, and they choose to take another path.

Learn to be there to support them and show them the pros and cons of their decisions. It’s their business, their decisions.

What is your BEST advice for new business owners?

While building a successful business, find education from other successful entrepreneurs. Listen to free content (Podcasts) and read books or Blog posts. Learn as much as you can, and remember that learning never stops.

What about you? If you have more questions, DM me, and I will do another post next month to answer all of them.


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