Sales page tips

Sales page tips

After launching a new Squarespace Website Template for course creators last week, I received many messages asking what an amazing Sales Page should have. Ready to learn some tips on how to create a sales page?

Here are ten elements I suggest you should put on your Sales Page.

Headlines That Make Promises

If you want people to stick around on your sales page, you need a catchy headline that forces people to stop and pay attention.

The headline should consist of just a few words. Still, it should communicate the type of product you’re offering (in this case, an online course), and the value customers can get from the product.

This differentiating factor makes the product stand out from its competition.

Opening Paragraphs That Promise and Persuade

If your headline is your tagline, your opening paragraph is your elevator pitch.

Course Content

Your prospects want to know what the course will be covering. Let them know what’s inside your course.

About Me

our prospects want to know why you’re qualified to teach the course and how you’ll offer value through the course materials.

You could mention several details: Educational background, Licenses and certifications, and professional experience.


Make sure you add credibility by attaching each testimonial to a name.

Frequent Questions & Answers

Answer the most common questions you get related to your course.

Money-Back Guarantee

Offering a risk-free purchase helps ease purchase anxiety. You could let your prospective customers know that they can get a refund within a specific period if they’re dissatisfied with your course.

Call-To-Action Button

You can use a generic phrase on your CTA button, such as “buy now” or “purchase the course.”

However, you might get more conversions if you allow yourself to be a little creative. Maybe try something like YES, I’M READY TO START!


You can add a video to deliver more information in a shorter period.

No Navigation Links

A sales page has one purpose: Convince the prospect to become a customer. That’s it. If you add anything to your sales page that distracts from your mission, you might lose the sale.

Remember to use sales pages to drive sales of your online courses. You want to create a funnel that directs traffic to the sales page from other sources, such as your blog, social media accounts, and emails.

What about your sales page? Comment below; I’d love to read it!


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