Saying no to New Years resolutions

This Is The Month When New Year’s Resolutions Fail!

According to Forbes, This Is The Month When New Year’s Resolutions Fail!

This week, I hear several people saying that their 2023 resolutions have taken the edge…

What happened to your New Year’s resolutions?

The New Year gives a “fresh start” mentality, but most people forget that getting a fresh start involves work! It includes dealing with whatever has been holding you back from making this “fresh start” before now. And if you’re not ready to do that, then you’ll fail at your resolution.

It’s funny because there’s something about a new year that convinces most people to adopt resolutions; they believe they’re supposed to be set.

Why is it so difficult to stick to resolutions?

Mostly, the lack of accountability, the lack of planning, and because the WHY’ is unclear.

So, if you made some resolutions and they have already disappeared… 👇

Here is my proposal: set goals and link each of them to one of your bucket list items (AKA a list of experiences you want to have before you die)!

First, to come up with your 2023 goals, there are a few things you should consider:

👉 What held you back in 2022? Identifying what slows things down, causes bottlenecks, or creates frustration in 2022 as a business owner.

👉 What do you want to prioritize? Think about what you should prioritize for 2023.

Then, set 3 goals:


A business goal is an endpoint, accomplishment, or target a company wants to achieve in the short term or long term.

Some common business goals include:

  • Develop a new revenues stream for your business (recurring revenues are great if you want to create value)
  • Market through a market
  • Increase shareholder value
  • Build a strong management team


Personal goals are the accomplishments you want to achieve in your personal life. Setting personal business goals can help you improve and achieve in life at work and at home. These goals may be big or small, and they can help you work toward living the life you desire.

Some common personal goals for business owners include:

  • Improve your growth mindset
  • Be more proactive
  • Be persistent despite obstacles
  • Learn to accept your limits
  • Learn how to make effective decisions
  • Practice gratitude
  • Stay open-minded to new opportunities


For your last goal, determine a goal to keep you out of your comfort zone. Stepping out of your comfort zone is essential to get into your growth.

This means you must identify the opportunity and do things that you usually don’t feel comfortable doing! Think of the long-term benefits of trying something different rather than the short-term anxiety that it will provoke. First thing first, here are some uncomfortable items you can add to your list:

  • Do one thing you’ve always wanted to do
  • Change up your routine and get up early
  • Travel somewhere new

What is on your bucket list?

Now to get this list of goals done, you should add an item to your bucket list if you are able to reach your goals. Looking for some inspiration? Here are my 3 goals for 2023:

1- My business goal: launch my new online program (THE ENDGAME) and get 1,000 students in 2023.

When I reach this goal, we are heading somewhere in Europe for 3 weeks to celebrate!

2- My personal goal: Take 30-min per day to do yoga and meditate.

If I reach this goal, after 100 days of daily yoga and meditation, we are heading to Nantucket for a week!

3- My ”out of my comfort zone” goal: Be more present on social media to promote my business.

When I reach this goal, we are heading to Greece to celebrate!

I know – I love to travel… but focusing on my bucket list helps me work on my goals.

Comment below and tell me more about your end-of-the-year resolutions. Ready to create a list of 3 goals linked to your bucket list? I’d love to see what you have on your bucket list for 2023!


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