Stop hiding!

Do you feel you are hiding from yourself and you are scared to go for your dreams? Making a change, taking a risk, or saying yes to an opportunity is something you want to do but are afraid of.

What if that change, risk, or opportunity was the thing that could have changed it all? Could you have changed your life (and business) for the better?

You want to succeed. You want freedom.

The good news? You can stop hiding!

But first, you must be willing to move past the fears holding you back.

Here are the steps you can take to overcome the fear.

Change your MINDSET

Focus on the positive outcomes that are possible. Are you scared of something? Focus on a solution and see the challenge as a new opportunity.

Remind yourself of the results you are after, and you can also establish how you will celebrate when you succeed.

Make a list

Do something that scares you EVERY DAY! Are you hiding when it comes to showing up on your social media? Are you scared of reaching out to new clients? When it’s come to speaking in from of a group?

Write it down, and again for each problem, find a solution! You have zero solution to a problem; reach out for help! Ask questions, and get the support you need.

The worst thing you can do is let fear get in your way of seeking support.

Take action

Do you have good intentions? Awesome, but now it’s time to do something about it.

Take action NOW.

It may be writing your question in a Facebook group if you are afraid to ask it during a coaching call or going live on Facebook or Instagram to promote your business.

Whatever you decide, be sure to commit to it and follow through.


Now that you have taken action and have stooped hiding, evaluate your actions regularly. I love to do that every week and set goals for the coming week. Return to your list. Seek that clarity so you can move forward.

Keep moving

You are not hiding anymore… for now! But next week or next month, you may be afraid of something new. If that happens, return to the basics; change your mindset, make a list, take action, and re-evaluate!

Remember, you won’t find any benefits if you are consistently hiding. As Marie Forleo says, Everything is figureoutable! 

What about you? Comment below; I’d love to know if you’re hiding from something!


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