Behind-The-Scenes: SWITZERLAND

Behind-the-Scenes Switzerland

You asked about some Behind-the-scenes details… Here’s the first post about it!

Switzerland is our second home, our home away from home. At least once a year, we meet our friends on the other side of the ocean to enjoy lots of wine & cheese.

But during our time in Europe, I often have to work, so I always bring my laptop with me! Spending my days visiting our friends and my afternoons working at a local coffee shop or where we stay, enjoying a fantastic view from the mountain.

I can’t complain! In 2018, we ended up staying in Heremence for two weeks, and here was the view when I was working.

Here are some tips if you decide to work abroad for a few weeks:

Agenda – Book Time To Work

Set yourself a time in the day to work and take your new time zone into account so you won’t penalize your clients or your team on the other side of the world. And tell your friends when you’re not available for a specific period.

Manage Your Cell Phone

Turn off your cell when you go to bed; otherwise, you could receive a call in the middle of the night… and change your package for your cell phone (you don’t want to pay a fortune for international calls). I always use Zoom for my discussions (it’s free), and it allows me to show them around…

Confirm if the Internet Is Included

Confirm before booking your hotel or Airbnb if you have to pay extra fees to access the Internet.

Grow Your Network

Take the time to meet entrepreneurs where you are… I got new clients only by talking about my business over a coffee or a glass of wine in another country.

Go to the local chamber of commerce’s Facebook or Instagram pages, post that you will be in town, and tell them you would like to meet local entrepreneurs!

Visit, Relax & Enjoy

Take to time to visit new places, relax and enjoy your vacation! You can’t return home as tired as when you left the office. Most important, create magical memories and meet amazing new people that you can add on Facebook and Instagram to continue the discussions until your next visit…

And you, are you working during your vacation, or do you have a nomad life and work abroad?

Let us know on Instagram ( 

So Cheers to your next vacation, Y’all! 

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