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Hey! To help you get your questions answered quickly, I created this new mini-post series all about Squarespace and Biz tips. Blogs in the mini-series will be shorter and sometimes will be related to a Freebie to help you get some answers to your questions.

So today, let’s talk about your website! You have a site, but you never visit it – so you don’t know that anything is wrong until someone tells you! Here’s how you can avoid the five biggest site mistakes I see all the time on a website.

Your domain isn’t set to auto-renew

This catches people all of the time, and their website looks like spammy site, and their content is gone.

This happens when you don’t renew your domain name, and your web host replaces your site with a landing page to promote their services.

If you don’t catch it soon enough, you might lose your domain name for good.

Log in to where you purchased both your domain name and your web hosting account, and check to see if auto-renew is set to on and how many years you will be renewing for.

Your site is not mobile-friendly

The text should be easy to read on mobile devices; content should be the same on both versions of your website; navigation should be easy; buttons have proper spacing, etc.

I use my mobile to go on my website once a week, just to verify that everything is looking friendly.

The contact form doesn’t work

If people can’t contact you, you’re losing money.

Again, go to your website and submit a contact form. Make sure to test with various email addresses. I do this test once a month!

Your opt-in or your landing page doesn’t work

Most people have more than one place on their website where they’re asking for email signups.

Sometimes we modify a link, and our old links and opt-in forms no longer work. Do a search on your site (Blog posts and pages) to find all the places you’re asking for email signups.

Make sure to test each and every signup form and verify that they’re working. I test them once a month because I don’t want to lose valuable potential leads.

Analytics isn’t set up properly

I can’t tell you how many times people either don’t have google analytics added or think they have it, but it’s not activated. Google Analytics is simple and free – use it; it will provide you with tons of valuable data about your site.

I review my data on a weekly basis, and I adjust the content of my posts as needed.

Remember, testing your site once a month or when you create a new page or a new post linked to a former post is essential! You can’t afford to lose email subscribers and sales because something is not working properly.

Are you testing your website often? Comments below, I’d love to see what your strategy is.


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