The truth about entrepreneurship

The truth about entrepreneurship

Let’s do a little experiment… Ready to learn the truth about entrepreneurship?

Look at the first five posts on your favorite social media platform. 

Seriously. Go ahead. I’ll wait. 

Now, I want you to scroll down and tell me how many entrepreneurs’ struggle. How many have success?

I bet the majority show so much perfection that you believe you’re not good enough or don’t work hard enough because you are way behind them that you cannot scale your business to generate enough profit to one day thinks about selling your business. Am I right?

The truth about social media is that it often doesn’t show the truth at all.

Now, here are the truths about entrepreneurship… 

#1 – You will constantly feel uncertain as to whether it’s working or not. 

This is your journey, which means success depends entirely on your definition of success.

What’s your definition of success? More freedom, more money, more clients, a bigger team?

Take the time to confirm your own definition of success. 

Seriously. Go ahead. I’ll wait (again)!

When I launched my business in 2013, my definition of success was FREEDOM! Not a 9-5 schedule in an office five days a week. I was looking for more time to study abroad, travel around the globe, and the freedom to work from anywhere.

#2 – It will take twice as long as you think it will take.

Guess what? No businesses were built overnight.

Don’t believe you can quit your 9-5 job on Friday and have your first client on Monday. 

Plan accordingly. This is the same when you launch a new product or service. 

You may need to invest more because it often costs twice as much as we think it will cost.

#3 – We compare our journey to others, and we should not!

I know you’ve spent time scrolling through Facebook or Instagram thinking, “WOW, her life is so perfect! Why my life is not.”

The reality is that her behind-the-scenes life is just as chaotic, just as crazy, and just as messed up as the rest of ours. Don’t judge someone else journey by a post on social media. Don’t believe she has it all figured out. It’s not the case, believe me!


Business is not about perfection and comparison.

It is about how you navigate into your journey and create your own definition of success.

If you looked at my Instagram posts, you probably saw the post about another transaction completed. But here is what you didn’t see:

  • This transaction took 21 months to be completed.
  • I answered questions from my clients, the buyers, and lawyers during my vacation in Switzerland. I always had my laptop with me just in case I needed to answer a question.
  • I managed so many emotions from everyone working on the transaction, often after my 9-5 workday.

The reality is I was so proud after the transaction was completed, but it was not easy and always fun. Don’t compare your journey; you are unique!

#4 – There’s no guarantee of anything.

No matter how great the idea is or how hard you and your team are working, the market decides at the end of the day.

You aren’t guaranteed success, ever.

To reduce the stress, I always create two scenarios and ask myself, what can happen if we don’t succeed with this new project, new offering, or new marketing strategy? What will I do? If I feel comfortable with the worst-case scenario, I’m ready to work on it; if not, I take a step back and reevaluate the idea.

#5 – You must show up regardless of how you feel that day.

This is what makes entrepreneurship a marathon, not a sprint. 

You need to show up whether you’re sick or feeling down! No one will do the job for you; that’s a big responsibility for many people to handle.

When I first launched my business, I couldn’t think about a day OFF. I was saying ‘else”YES” to every project and client… just in case no clients needed my help after this one.

Over the years, I learned NOT to overbook my agenda every single day. I always have time to work on new projects, so if I have to take a day or two out of the office because something happens, I won’t have to deal with more stress not being able to finish a project for a client.

Now, do it again, and let’s redo this little experiment…

Go to your favorite social media platform and look at different posts. 

Seriously. Go ahead. 

Can you see when their first post was? 5 years from now? Take the time to look at different posts, and you will see that it’s not always a perfect journey.

I’d love to know, what about your journey? Any advice for new entrepreneurs or someone who is navigating struggle?

Can’t wait to hear from you!


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