Your Budget Endgame created in just 1 week.

Our Signature Experience

We are currently taking bookings for Q3 of 2023 for our unique custom budget service. All of our strategic planning and budget services and solutions take place in our signature One Week Intensive format to help you scale your business fast and prepare yourself and your company for a successful and profitable exit! If you need help with your budget and business strategy, please fill out our application form, and we will be in touch to schedule a discovery call!

1:1 VIP Week

Revision of your business strategy - we'll deep dive into your business and create:

Tools and Resources:

No matter where you are on your business journey, you'll finish the VIP week with a good understanding of where you're at now and where you're headed.

Here's what you'll get in our signature experience.

Revenue projections for the next 3 years on Excel so you can keep track and make adjustments as needed after our VIP Week.

A cash-flow forecast for the next 3 years that will give you peace of mind.

Breakdown expenses.

Profit goals and EBITDA to prepare your business for a transaction.

You'll receive a monthly budget (P&L, cash flow, and balance sheet) for the next 3-years to help you scale your business, increase profitability, reduce expenses and STOP the business-finance overwhelm.

You'll also get templates and resources that will have you kicking goals into the future.

I'm a business owner, and I get it. Business owners are so busy creating new products or services and promoting their businesses they sometimes forget that budgeting is a key element of their business. That's exactly why I created The BUDGET ENDGAME VIP Week.

With so many things to do, finances are often the most neglected part of a business. So many businesses focus only on making money but focusing on money alone won’t make your business the best it can be. There are other things to consider, like growth, employee satisfaction, improving products and services, and customer service. In other words, there are reasons why earning more shouldn’t be your only business focus. Using our signature VIP week, we will create a 3-year budget (P&L, Cashflow, and Balance Sheet) for your business and give you the tools and resources you need to better run your company.

The goals are for you to understand your numbers and find the best way to scale your business so that, when the time comes, you will benefit from a successful and profitable exit.

How can you get it done in a week?

Why this is essential in selling your business...

Once you've booked a BUDGET ENDGAME VIP Week, you'll receive a questionnaire to help you better understand your business that you'll need to complete at least one week before our session. I'll also need access to your Financial Statements.

How does it work?

Once I have all the information, I'll get to work. I'll tailor your VIP Week session to suit you and your business.

At the end of the VIP Week, you'll have a 3-year budget to continue with, and you'll feel empowered with a better understanding of your financials. The best part – you'll be on your way to creating the successful and profitable business you deserve.

  • A 1:1 session either online or in-person to discuss your business strategy;

  •  Revenue projections and sales targets for the next 3 years;

  •  A cash flow forecast for the next 3 years that will help you better manage your business;

  •  One 30-minute maximum follow-up call after the session;

  •  Email support for one week;

  •  A finance cheat sheet to understanding financial terms;

  •  Training Video on Loom for future reference.

What you'll get:

This session is for you if:

  • You want to understand your numbers and get a plan in place for the next 3 -years;

  • You need a budget that you can work with, and you need help to create one;

  • You need to show profitability to prepare for an M&A transaction, but you need help with your budget.

If you want to have complete control over your numbers and someone that can help you understand your business finances and scale your business, I can help.

If you want to have complete control over your numbers and someone that can help you understand your business finances and scale your business, I can help.

Do I really need to do this?

I can’t guarantee business success, but I can promise that we will work together to create an endgame plan for your business and a business that suits both your needs and your business goals.

Can you promise results?

I'll look at your profitability and help you understand your numbers and your business goals and strategy. I can also connect you with other professionals who can help with a range of business issues.

What do I get for my investment?

I work with businesses at any stage. I work we businesses that are ready to sell or side hustlers that are just starting out and want to go into business full-time and create a business they will be able to sell profitably one day.

Do you only work with established businesses?

I’m here to help you during all seasons of your journey. After our VIP Week, you can book quarter days, half days, or one-day intensive sessions with me to discuss strategy, budget, financing or merger and acquisition.

Do you offer ongoing services?

Since working with Solange, my dream business has become my reality. I went from an idea of my dream business to living it full time – in less than a few months.

1:1 Coaching Client

Kevin Bisson

Your Investment

Total Investment: $3,000

This session is for busy business owners who want to make more money and have a budget created in a week. Delivered over 4 days, we'll deep-dive into your business and review:

Your ENDGAME VIP Week – You'll be done in a Week!

Your current business strategy, revenue, and profit goals

Your revenue model, and your expenses and cash-flow forecasting.

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