Website design tips

Many of you have the same question: How to Design A Website to Attract Dream Customers? I get it; designing your website can be a challenge. The first time I did it, it took me more than four months… Yes, I know, that’s a long period! Ready to learn website tips?

So, what’s essential in the process of designing your website? Here are some tips…

Decide On Your Main 1-2 Website Goals

What is your main goal for your website? It would be best if you established what you want your website to do.

  • Having visitors book a free consultation call with you.
  • Having visitors buy a product.
  • Getting visitors to sign up for your email list.
  • Getting visitors to sign up for a free trial (online tools, memberships, etc.).
  • Asking users to fill out their contact form (services or coaching businesses).

Be super clear on your goal before starting the design process.

Make It Clear What You Do

Niche down your business idea by answering five key questions: WHAT, WHY, WHO, WHEN, and WHERE.

It would help if you were very clear on what you are offering and which problem you are solving.

Remember, your potential customers have a few seconds to have a first look and decide if they will continue on your website or not. Visitors Leave Your Site When They Don’t Get What They Expect!

Create Clear CTA’s

A CTA or “call-to-action” is an action that you want people to take. This could be “call now,” “learn more,” or “download this Freebie.”

A strong call-to-action clarifies what you want visitors to do next on your site, and you want them to do this action to keep engaged with them. Visitors Leave Your Site When They Don’t Know What to Do!

Use an SEO Strategy

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of improving your website so that it can rank among the best of the best in search results.

Without it, your website is nothing more than a point on a map with no instructions to get there.

Remember, your SEO strategy should include Keywords to ensure your content targets the terms that your audience searches.

Have a Mobile-Friendly Website

Ensuring that your website is mobile-friendly means that you take the time to make site elements responsive. Look at your images, menus, and forms so that users get the same experience on their tiny smartphones as they would on a laptop or a desktop computer.

Use Short and Unique Copy

The best way to grab the attention of your potential customers is to write something that stands out. Don’t copy and paste someone else’s website; be unique… create something that will represent your brand and personality.

Communicate Value

You need to communicate the value of your offer. Why your potential customers should choose you? Communicate what value you have to offer, which means mentioning the problem you will solve with your offer.

Use Images That Represent Your Brand

You like your dog, I know… but if your brand, products, or services are not related to dogs, don’t use this photo. If you’re starting and don’t want to invest in a photoshoot, grab your images on Unsplash; it’s FREE!

Designing your website can be a challenge, but you’re not alone! Let me know if you need to discuss this; I’d love to exchange some ideas to help you create an amazing website that will convert.

What about your website? Do you have a website that converts? Which strategy do you use?


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