Why I love Squarespace!

Why I love Squarespace!

I often get questions about why I use Squarespace to build my templates. There is no right or wrong answer to this question. Many website builders are on the market (Showit, WordPress, Wix, Shopify, etc.), and your choice will be related to your goal. For instance, you may use Shopify if you sell many products and manage an inventory. But here is why I love Squarespace!

Here are the top reasons I use Squarespace to build websites:

Easy to use

Squarespace is really easy to use. No coding skills are needed; if you have questions, they have a fantastic team to answer your questions or find many tutorials on YouTube.


Squarespace allows you to add new features and control your pages’ layout on a page-by-page basis – at any time, without needing to install any extras.

FREE marketing tools

With Squarespace, you get all the marketing features you might need (forms, SEO options, pop-ups, and announcement bars). You can also add Google analytics trackers and Facebook pixels.

If you look at another platform, you must install multiple additional plugins (free and paid) to get all these marketing tools.

You pay once

Squarespace is more than just a website builder. It is also a design tool, a hosting provider, a scheduling tool, and a marketing provider. And for all of that, you only pay once (monthly or annual subscription).

Mobile friendly

With Squarespace, your website will have a mobile version from the beginning.

Remember, many website builders are on the market, and your choice will be related to your goal.

But I’d love to know! Which software do you use, and why you picked this one?


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