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Vision Board

Have you ever heard the phrase, “You get what you see?” It means that your thoughts create your reality, so whatever you see in your mind’s eye is what you will experience in your life. Let’s consider a vision board! This gives you incredible power! You can change your reality simply by changing the thoughts and visions that you hold in your head.

Vision boards are a valuable tool for this!

But what should this valuable tool include? Simply put, a vision board is a physical collection of items such as images, magazine clippings, words, and quotes that visually affirm your goals and dreams.

I love to create one during the holidays with travel destinations (Grece, Australia, and Spain are on my bucket list adventures for 2022…), a new house, a new online course, and a new team member (a virtual assistant) to help me manage my business operations.

Because vision boards act as a compass or “guiding star” to keep you moving in the direction of your dreams, no matter how many unexpected distractions you have to deal with in your day-to-day life, here are the steps to follow to create one!

STEP 1 – What will be on your vision board for 2022? 

Spend some time getting clear on exactly what you want for 2022!

Create a list of goals (financial, relationship, happiness, or travel goals) you’d like to achieve next year.

STEP 2 – Find pictures that represent your goals and inspire you in magazines on print pictures from the web. For example, if you’d like to visit Grece, don’t worry if you can’t find a picture of your perfect “dream hotel,” get a beautiful image from a place in the city you want to visit.”

STEP 3 – Make a collage out of your images. Once you have selected your photos, it’s time to make your vision board and add motivational “affirmation words” that represent how you want to FEEL.

Remember, the vision board of your ideal life shouldn’t focus on “things you want to buy” as much as how you want to FEEL when you will get them.

You can also use CANVA to create one!

STEP 4 – Take a moment to look at your vision board daily! It’s essential to place your vision board somewhere you can see it daily and take a few minutes to look at it at least once or twice daily.

I love to look at my vision board and feel myself in the future I have designed and believe it is already mine. What about you? Did you create a vision board to kickstart 2022?


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