Create your first job opportunity

Create your first job opportunity

I received questions on how to hire a virtual assistant. Ready to create your first job description? So, here are essential elements to include on your job opportunity page when you are ready to hire!

Description of your business

Write one paragraph to describe what you do (your products or services), who you serve (your ICA), and what your long-term goals are (are you expanding, are you launching a new offering, etc.).

Summary of the job position

Write one paragraph introducing the position, the location (or maybe a remote position), and a brief description of the responsibilities.

List of responsibilities

Include the day-to-day responsibilities and how they would know if they are a great fit.

List of qualifications

Include the qualifications you are looking for in applicants.


A few points on why someone would want to apply for this position, such as job security, remote work, or a fun-loving environment.

Application instructions

Give information on how you want them to apply, such as emailing their resume. Maybe you also want a 2-minute introduction video on why they are the perfect candidate.

I also got a question about salary information. You don’t need to have the salary or hourly wage of the position you are accepting applications for. You can discuss this during the interview.

Now, it’s time to start sharing your job opportunity page on social media and job search websites, and email it to those you trust!

Are you ready to start the hiring process? Comment below; I’d love to learn about how you do it.


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