Custom CSS – Part 3

CSS for Squarespace

CSS stands for “Cascading Style Sheets.” But why is CSS an essential element for your website? Because it allows you to make your websites unique.

First, CSS allows playing with a page layout, adjusting colors and fonts, adding effects to images, etc.

I always get questions about Squarespace websites I created, and many of you asked how they can customize their site to look unique.

My answer is always ‘‘by using Custom CSS’’… so here is part 3 of the Custom CSS Series.

Before giving you some tips from outstanding CSS experts (because we are not CSS experts), remember that if you’re a designer building sites for your clients, you may be tempted to add bits of code to make your client’s demands come true.

Still, it’s not a good idea… imagine if your client needs to make changes? You may have to offer your services on retainer to keep those sites looking how they should… and your client won’t be happy!

Here are some tips we used to customize our website:

Create a Vertical Text in Squarespace

I love to create unique designs, and thanks to Beatriz Caraballo, I learned how to use CSS to create trendy vertical text on your Squarespace website. Here is the code to create a vertical text.

Add extra headings style to a text block

Maybe you want to add an extra heading style in your footer? Here is the code! I created a different heading style for a text block thanks to Rebecca Grace Designs.

Add a custom background to your navigation

You may want to add a custom background to your main navigation menu to create something unique. Check out the code to learn how My Billie Designs do it! She’s working with the Brine template family to show you a quick way to tweak your site navigation.

Use a different cookie banner on your website

You have to use a cookie banner on your website, but you don’t have to use a cookie-cutter version of it! Thanks to Heather Tovey, here are more ways to style the Squarespace Cookie Banner.

Looking for more Custom CSS Tips? Here are two posts about it:



And you, are you tempted to add bits of code to make your client’s demands come true?

Cheers to your website, Y’all!

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