Digital products

Episode 18 – DIGITAL PRODUCTS. Knowing how to create a digital product can be interesting.

April wants to know how to create digital products.

I help businesswomen promote their business on Instagram. I do 1:1 coaching and group coaching, and I believe it’s time to create digital products. Can you help me? I don’t know where to start.

Here is what you can do.


If you want a product that you can sell quickly, you could create a workbook to provide tips to help your audience with their Instagram promotion.

Your title could be “Growing Your Business with Engaging DMs (direct messages).”

The workbook would provide a step-by-step action plan with successful engagement-focused DM strategies (AND templates!).

I suggest you use CANVA, which is a FREE tool to create your PDF.

Online course

You can also reach thousands of customers by creating an online course. I recommend you start with a mini-course. For instance, you could set up a mini-course on “How to engage on Instagram.”

You can use different platforms, like Teachable, Thinkific, or Kajabi. And you don’t even need to show up on camera, have a studio, hire a makeup artist, or have to memorize your presentation.

You can only record your voice! So write down your content, prepare your slides (and again, you can use CANVA), record your voice (I use QuickTime Player), edit your video (I use Imovie to edit my videos), and you will be ready to go!

Also, to add value, provide FREE templates, examples of DMs, and captions that your students will be able to use when they start engaging on Instagram!

Another tip: You can also create a membership where you offer live webinars, provide a forum where other members can interact, and offer exclusive downloads like worksheets, templates, and more.

Remember, what you NEED for a digital product to succeed is the ability to get people results—and the drive to share the process that gets them there.


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