How to say no to a client!

Episode 26 – HOW TO SAY NO TO A CLIENT! Knowing how to say NO to a client is essential.

Sonia has fantastic clients, but she doesn’t know how to say NO to a client who’s always asking for discounts.

I have amazing clients, but one of them always asks for my help and it’s always a game of negotiation. He’s always asking for a discount because for him, it will only take 10 minutes to do what he asks for. But nothing takes 10 minutes! My schedule is full, and when he asks when I will be available, I’m not able to provide a specific date and I don’t want him to wait forever… I don’t know how to say NO, but I need help. Any advice?

Here is what you can do when you want to say NO to a client.

Say no by explaining why

You must explain to this potential client that you have too much work and won’t be able to help him immediately. And when he asks if you would be able to do it later, tell him that nothing takes 10 minutes to do, and you could not provide a specific date, and you don’t want him to wait for you forever…

Remember to state your point concisely and professionally.

Find a solution with this potential customer

Involve the customer in the solution and suggest an alternative. Maybe you know someone ready to accept new clients. If you believe they can be a perfect fit, you should suggest collaborating with a business you know and trust to this potential client.

Another tip: Make the customer feel heard: Make your potential client feel that you understand that he needs help with his project and that you can contact other businesses that can help him. Because if you try to do his project in 10 minutes, it won’t work, and the result won’t be what you both expected.

Remember, you have to say NO to many good things to be able to say yes to many incredible things. Being able to say NO to clients and say it with confidence is not a simple skill to master, but if you feel you should say NO, don’t say yes!

Always be honest with your clients and reframe the NO using positive language.


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