Create a home page for your website

Episode 36 Create a home page for your site

Episode 36 – CREATE A HOME PAGE FOR YOUR WEBSITE. Learning how to design your website and create your home page is essential. Mitsy is launching her online business, and she is ready to design her website. She wants to know how to design her home page.

I’m ready to ditch my 9-5 job and launch my online business. I need to design my website, and I’d like to know what I should have on my home page. I know I should include a photo of myself, and my copy should tell everyone what I am selling, but anything else? Thanks.

Here is what you can do.

Add a logo

Your logo should be visible at the top of your website. the number one purpose a logo serves is to give your business identity. If you don’t have a logo, use CANVA to create one.

You can also create a Wordmark logo (a font-based logo that focuses on a business name alone) to give your website that branded professional touch.

Add an introductory video or image

When you only have seconds to make a great first impression, the faster you can get someone the information they need to know, the better. Create a video to introduce your business or put an image representing your brand. You want to create a connection with your website visitors. 

Add your value proposition

Your value proposition should be the first thing your visitors read when they land on your website. One sentence should describe your value proposition.

Your headline will be your value proposition. Then, add a sub-headline or paragraph text that will provide a clear description of your business and what you do or your services.

Use clear CTAs (calls-to-action)

CTAs are a direct invitation to your website visitors to do what you want them to do. CTAs will tell your visitors to take some specified action (book a call, let’s connect, SHOP now).

Your goal is to grab the attention of potential customers (your ICA), connect with them, capture their email addresses, and convert them into customers.

Another tip: Add some testimonials: Providing testimonials is a powerful way to build trust and establish your credibility. Success stories are a great way to inspire a positive first impression. They show new visitors that you know what you’re doing and provide key insights into your products or services. If you are launching your business, give samples of your products or offer one of your services for free in exchange for a testimonial.

Looking for tips to create testimonials? Here are some TIPS!

Remember, you never get a second chance to make a great first impression!


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