How to find new clients

Do you often ask yourself how you can find new clients? You have amazing friends, and your family helped you when you launched your online business, but now it’s time to find new customers.

Here are different ways to find the perfect client for your business.

Get in touch directly with your ICA

I know that the cold email approach isn’t for everybody. I hate writing to someone I don’t know, but you may want to try it if you’re looking for new ways to find clients.

You can send a DM via Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram to get in touch, invite them to your next Masterclass or ask them if they want your new FREEBIE!

Get referrals

You sold your products or services to friends and family; great! Now, ask them for referrals. If they were happy with your work, they should have no problem letting others know how great you are to work with! Directly ask for them rather than assuming they will refer you independently.

Promote, promote & promote

You may want to promote your services or products on social media. Also, you don’t have to invest money in a paid campaign, create content and promote.

You can offer your followers a giveaway or discount or ask them to tag a business or someone that can benefit from your offer. In exchange, give them a Starbucks card or anything you believe they would love to receive (I know, I’m addicted to Starbucks!).

Reach out to past customers & coworkers

Sometimes, contacting your network is the best place to get new customers. This could include former coworkers and clients. Let them know that you’ve recently launched your business.

Share your knowledge on social media

Social media is an invaluable marketing tool. You will need to invest time to create content and manage your social presence, but you won’t need to create new content if you answer questions asked on different Facebook groups.

Just share your expertise by answering questions or giving some tips.

You can also provide them with one of your FREEBIE to help them but don’t promote your products or services. You aim to share your knowledge to build trust and credibility with your ICA.

As you can see, you don’t have to invest a tremendous amount of money in finding new clients. Find ways that suit you the best. In my case, I won’t do cold calls because I hate them… but I love to offer a discount or a gift card to anyone sending me a new client.

What about you? Comment below; I’d love to know how you find new clients.


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