Set goals for 2021

Set goals for 2021

The new year is right around the corner, and you know what that means… time to set new goals for 2021! This year, more than ever, we’re all ready to embrace the fresh new year with the hope of what could be. And a massive part of that is goal setting.

But how would you set your goal for 2021? Here are five elements to consider…

Be specific

What do you want to achieve? Get down to the nitty-gritty. Just saying you want to build your new business won’t cut it.

Instead, try, “I’d like to write my business plan and build my website to start my online biz and ditch my 9 to 5.” Watch for any roadblocks that could keep you from reaching your goal, and make a plan to get around them.

One of my goals in 2021 is to launch an online course, The Business Factory, a step-by-step guide to building and launching online biz from the ground up.

Make Your Goals Measurable

Break your goal into bite-sized chunks. Do you want to start your online biz? Great, but it won’t happen tomorrow. Give yourself daily, weekly and monthly steps.

Focus on those.

When you accomplish one, tackle the next one. Ask yourself how long it will take to reach your goal and how you know when you’ve got your plan. I developed a 3-month plan for my online course to launch and promote this new project. I created weekly goals to keep track of this goal.

Set a timeline!

You need a finish line, a date… you need to visualize when your goal is reached. Take that goal of yours, create a plan, and break it all the way down to daily activities.

For The Business Factory, all five modules must be recorded by the end of January, so one module (3 to 5 lessons) per week. Set your date, and then do what you can to hit that goal by your target date!

Must be achievable

Let’s be honest—trying to accomplish someone else’s goals for your life never works out.

You want a new life, great! But to be successful, you must love it (#passion), and your goal also needs to be realistic and attainable.

In other words, it should stretch your abilities but remain possible. Some online course creators have many courses, but I set my goal for one course in 2021… the second course will be launched in 2022!

Write down your goals

Write down or create a mood board or vision board to help you visualize your goals!

Get them down on paper, along with all the steps it will take for you to get there (don’t forget to put a date on each step).

Think about the twelve months ahead of you and select images to represent your goals. I always use a mood board with images and colors to visualize my goals…

This mood board is so essential to keep me on track and also to celebrate a milestone. I added a picture of Greece because I want to travel there when I hit 100 students in 2021 (and when this pandemic is over).

Remember, there’s no perfect timing to start a new project or to launch a new business. If you want to achieve what you want, you must begin to work on it now!

Now take 2021 by storm… what will be your goals for 2021?

Ready to set goals for 2021?

So Cheers to 2021, Y’all!

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