Should you put your prices on your website

Should you put your prices on your website

I often get questions about showing prices or not on a website.

Some of you told me they believe they will lose potential customers if they do. Others believe they will save time and only serious customers will contact them.

There is no right or wrong answer to this question. The decision to put your prices on your website is a strategic one for your business.

First, let me ask you a question: Do you want to find pricing there when visiting other websites? If you don’t see a price on a website, does that mean you leave the website and never ask for more info?

Here’s why prices on your site are a game-changer:

Save Time

Pricing transparency will save you so much time. If someone is not ready to invest the money you’re asking for, why lose your time with them via a discovery call? And transparency is an essential value for your brand. Only dealing with clients willing to pay your rates will save you a lot of time. If they’re getting in touch, you’re the right fit.

Show Your Success

I often raise my prices to improve my process and increase the value of what I deliver. And honestly, this is not something to hide! When you have a unique value, your offering is priceless.


Pricing is a strategic decision and helps to set your brand apart from others (your competitors). Are you the expert your ICA (Ideal Customer or Community Avatar) pays more for because you’re worth it?

There is no right or wrong pricing strategy; as long as you get clear on your ICA, validate your business idea, and narrow your focus to ensure you’re creating a product or a service just for that one person, your customers will find you.

No surprise

People will know if they can or can’t afford you. And if they can’t, they now have a price point from which they can start savings towards working with you.

Sometimes you can’t list your prices because each customer gets a customized quote based on your needs, like a website designer. If it’s the case, maybe you can give them an idea of what a custom website may cost them if they want you as a designer.

For instance, if your minimum rate is $5,000 for a new website, you can put “Our team will build you a site from the ground up. Custom website: $5,000 +”… And someone with a budget of less than $5,000 won’t contact you.

But guess what the best option is? The best thing you can do is test it. Put your prices on your site for a few weeks and compare the results. If you get more inquiries, sales, and accessible conversions with your prices, you know your audience found it helpful.

I didn’t put prices when I started my business in 2013 and launched my website. But I quickly realized that putting my price saves me so much time.

But I’d love to know! Do you put your prices on your site? Why or why not?


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