Tips for your marketing on social media

Tips for your marketing on social media

I often received questions about marketing strategy. And one of the questions is if being on social media is enough. Of course not! A social media strategy is one piece of your marketing strategy, but you should use your Blog or Podcast regularly to connect with your audience and send a newsletter every week to your subscribers.

But today, let’s talk about social media marketing strategy and explore the best tips for your business! 

Step #1. Define your goals

Let’s define your goals. What are your goals for your social media marketing strategy?

Generate more leads

Build your email list

Increase sales

Improve awareness

Launch a new product or service

So don’t delay anymore. Grab a piece of paper, and pen down your goals!  

Be specific! 

Step #2: Define your ICA

Now let’s define your audience. Who’s your ICA (Ideal Customers or Community Avatar)? Who’s your target audience? To help you get started, answer 3 questions to define your audience:

WHAT passion can you transform into a thriving business?

WHY do potential customers need your products or services? Because you have expertise or knowledge to share!

WHO will need your offering? Remember, if you want to create messages that resonate with your audience, you need to know what they care about the most.

Again, don’t forget to be specific and niche down!

Step #3. Pick your social media platforms

Now that you have your goals and your audience in mind, you need to choose the social media platforms that will work best for you. Remember, to be successful, you have to be consistent.

The most successful way to build trust and connection with an online audience is to keep showing up. Also, it is not the quantity that matters; it’s the quality that counts.

Step #4. Craft a game plan

Now it’s time to decide when you will post (every day, every week, every month) and which content you will share. Then, prepare a list of topics you want to cover.

I split my posts per category (strategy, Squarespace, Behind-the-Scenes, design) and post about each subject.

Now that your content is established, let’s create your social media calendar to plan what you post and when! You can use different tools to do that! I love to use Trello to plan and manage my marketing strategy. 

Step #5: Let’s post! 

Now it’s time to post your content for at least 30 days. But imagine being on four different platforms (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter) and posting manually on each of them daily.

Damn, what a nightmare!  It would be best if you are automated as much of the activity as possible. Schedule your social media posts ahead of time. I loved to use Facebook Suite because I was only posting on Facebook and Instagram. But, a few weeks ago, I started to use Pinterest, and now I have to look for another tool to help me schedule my posts ahead of time. There are different tools you can use: Planoly, Hootsuite, or Buffer. So, the whole point of using tools is to plan ahead of time. Plan, create, and schedule posts on your content calendar.  I need 2-3 days to write my Blog Posts, Q&A Series, and captions for my posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest and schedule them for the coming month.

I love batch content! Content batching is a productivity technique where you create all of your captions or visual content during a set period of time. Give it a try; it will save you so much time!

Step #6: Measure your results

Now that your social media marketing strategy is in place, it’s time to measure the impact of your efforts by using social media analytics tools (I love to use Google Analytics) and uncover audience details and how they interact with your business.

Don’t forget if the results are not there, you will need to tweak some elements of your strategy!

Remember, social media marketing is perhaps the most exciting field in marketing today. With the right strategy, you can achieve different goals like increasing awareness, driving consideration, and building a community around your brand.

A great way to speak to your audience is through engaging videos, and videos are one of the most consumed forms of content on social media and the internet. 

Let us know what social media strategy you use the most. Share the ones you are excited to use. 


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