5 tips to stand out

tips to stand out

Are you wondering how you can stand out as a successful online business owner? You have an idea, you want to ditch your 9-5 job, but you are afraid it won’t work? According to the National Association of Women Business Owners, today, there are more than 11.6 million women-owned businesses in the U.S.! And guess what? You can be one of them. 💃 Here are tips that every successful online business owner needs to know to stand out online.


Passion is the fuel that entrepreneurs need to keep going. Without passion, a long-term business as an entrepreneur will be awful.

As an entrepreneur, you will face many ups and downs over the following weeks, months, and years. So let’s talk about your passion.

What’s your passion? What do you love to do?
Marketing yourself will be difficult if you aren’t excited to talk about what you do.

If you love what you do and understand fundamentally how it helps people, you will be unstoppable. This is KEY to attracting your ICA (Ideal Customer/Community Avatar)!


Defining your WHY is revising your own definition of success. For years, like many other entrepreneurs, I thought that success was related to the size of my house, the type of car I was driving, the number of hours I was working every day, and the amount of money in my bank account.

But I soon realized that success is now related to Freedom. Financial Freedom, but more importantly, I’m free… free to decide on the projects I will work on, when, and where I will work.

I want to help you define WHY you want to start your journey.

Your WHY is important and related only to you and you only. Ask yourself what the main reason is for creating your online business.

Do you want to get more freedom and flexibility by creating a work schedule that works best for you, working from anywhere around the world, and being present at home when you decide you need to be there for your kids…?

Again, your WHY is important and related only to you and you only.


Can you tell someone who’s never heard of you and your brand what you are offering? Can you consolidate what you are doing into a 10-sec pitch? Let’s try…

I am _________ [WHO], helping _________ [WHAT], which will give you _________ [WHY].

If I introduce myself to you, I will say: I’m Solange, a virtual business coach helping women build and run successful online businesses to create the life they love.


It’s time to be unique, stand out from your competitors, and leverage your uniqueness. Why are you different? Talk about YOU and tell your story.

When you talk about your zone of genius and maybe some personal stuff here and there, always wrap it back around to your offering (remember tip #3 WHO, WHAT, and WHY).

Make it clear who you want to help, and you’re different because of XYZ…

I help women build and run successful online businesses and manage all challenges they will be facing during all seasons of their journey.

I can help entrepreneurs who have brick-and-mortar businesses and men… but I choose to serve women who have businesses online.


This is pretty straightforward. There are so many online businesses offering what you want to offer. So guess what? You need to stand out! How will anyone see you if you aren’t visible and standing out?

You’ve got to know what makes you unique and leverage it. Get seen and heard! Build trust by giving free advice, connecting with other business owners, and being part of different communities.

Remember that all sacrifices are worth it, but building your online business won’t be possible overnight. As an entrepreneur, you will pivot and grow.

Just find your passion and your WHY, get hyper-clear on what you are offering, be unique, and don’t be scared to get out there and promote what only you have to offer.

Ready to kickstart your journey?

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