Truths about building an online business

Have you ever thought about building an online business? We’ve all seen people telling us how easy it is, but things get complicated quickly once we start to investigate.

So here are five truths about building an online business you should know before jumping into this fantastic journey!

You need to understand your ICA well

It’s impossible to make money through an online business if you don’t know precisely who your ICA (Ideal Customer or Community Avatar) is.

Be specific!

The more you know about your perfect customer, the more your offer will be targeted, and the more sales you’ll make! You can’t sell everything to everyone! You need to understand their pain points.

It takes a lot of work upfront

Many people believe that making money online will be “so easy,” but the truth is that it will take a lot of work. There are so many pieces you need to put in place before starting to offer your products or services.

These include your branding, website, copywriting, design, social media, online store, and more. Unless you’re already an expert and know how to do all of this, you’ll have to put in a lot of time to learn how to do it to get things set up and ready to work.

Then, you will launch your online business and realize that you’ll need to invest a lot of time in running your business.

Be prepared because it takes a lot of work upfront and stays consistent. When I started, I answered every message via email and social media.

Why not hire a virtual assistant? Because I was also collecting information from my ICA (what they want, what they like).

You will need to invest some money

Many offer online to sell so you can start an online business without financial investment. But to run a real business, you must invest some money.

FREE software can help you get started, but you will need to put money into it at some point. When I started my online business, many people told me to use free software to manage my business.

One investment I made was to invest in Kajabi. It was my best decision as I do everything with Kajabi (capture information for my email, send content to my subscribers, run my online courses and mini-course, manage my Sales pages, etc.).

It’s worth investing money if you know you’ll get a return on your investment.

You need a funnel that works

A funnel is simply the set of steps that a customer goes through to purchase your offer (products or services you are selling online). Sales funnels are important because they take your customers on the buying process journey.

Proper sales funnels will turn website visitors into email subscribers and customers. I use High Level and love it, but you can take any other platform.

You won’t do what you love 24/7

Many want to launch their online business to do what they love 24/7. But as an entrepreneur, you must be ready to wear many hats.

Being your own boss and making your own schedule that’s the dream, right? However, it is essential to recognize that with increased freedom comes increased responsibility. Now, you are accountable for everything that you do (and everything your team does).

You won’t do what you love 24/7, but if it’s the price to pay to be your own boss, it’s worth it!

Are you ready to kickstart your online business? Yes, it will take a lot of work upfront, but it can be a gold mine once you get a system that works. Or maybe you are running a successful online business, so tell us about your challenges when launching it!


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